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Mick xx

Hi thanks to everyone who has called offering me a home, just to let you all know I have been " Chos...

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Orla xx

Breed: Rottie / Ridgeback x

Gender: female /va

Age: 10 yrs old

Status: Looking for a home

Sad story here !! This older lady and three other dogs were left with us when their owner passed away. There was a 12 yr old /16 yr old/ and this lass at 10 yrs and her pal Buster who is roughly 9/10 years old.Good news is the the two older dogs have found a wonderful home together,which just leaves us to find a home for Orla and Buster.These two get on really well together but unfortunately Buster doesn't take to every dog he meets.We would love to find them a home together in the country where they aren't going to meet many dogs.They are fit and love going for walks now. xx

Buster's photo is below this one x

Thanks for looking,
Orla xx signed by Orla xx

Orla xx
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