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Breed: Border Collie ( tri colour)

Gender: Male

Age: 2yrs

Status: Has been rehomed

Hi everyone my name is Jim I have just turned 2 yrs old and as you can see a very handsome tri Border Collie. I have a really good nature haven't lived in a house before so might not be house trained, but hey I am so clever it wouldn't take long and I just want to please. I already have Frank wrapped round my paws I snuggle in and of course he claps me, just what I want hehe. I have met some of the other residents and been fine with them.My dream home will be with someone who has had Border Collie's before, and know how much stimulation we need, and does not work full time. Ena was saying it was amazing how many people come looking for a collie, when asked why that breed and they say " because they are so well trained we watch one man and his dog !!!" Do they not realize how many months if not years are put in working with the dog to train him ???Some of us like me still don't make it, but we do make great companions.Who could resist those big brown eyes. Love Jim xxx I NOW HAVE A NEW HOME, GOING ON MONDAY CAN HARDLY WAIT xxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for looking,
Jim signed by Jim

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