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Orla xx

Sad story here !! This older lady and three other dogs were left with us when their owner passed awa...

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Goldendoodles >>
Posted: 1st February 2014

Rex >>
Posted: 31st January 2014

Hello Aunty Ena it's Rex here. Just posting a little update for you and a video for you to watch. Its me just mastered my weaves at a year old and now am ready to start competing at agility shows in April. My first show is Dundee and both me and mum cant wait. Ive matured sooo much at agility and am very, very keen on working hard and learning new things and im extremely quick on picking up new things when being taught. Mum is going to send a few videos for you to watch to see my tricks and what I can do at such a young age.
I really do hope you enjoy them as much as ive enjoyed learning.

Loads of slobbery licks

Rex xx

To Ena Love Bailey >>
Posted: 28th January 2014

Ozzy vs Cakes >>
Posted: 6th January 2014

Hi Ena meant to say happy new year to all at second chance,wee video of Oscar, now Ozzy and cakes playing tug of war with Mojo coaching. As you can see they hate each other. Thanks again for giving me my weird Beardie and the very loving and loveable Ozzywoo.

Bailey Flipagram >>
Posted: 2nd January 2014

Got this lovely video of Bailey a Border Collie who was adopted bybablovely family a few years ago, about time you all got to see it!!!

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