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Orla xx

Sad story here !! This older lady and three other dogs were left with us when their owner passed awa...

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Maisie the Beagle and Scruffy >>
Posted: 18th June 2014

Maisie the Beagle and Scruffy having fun before they went to their new home

Scruffy >>
Posted: 18th June 2014

This is Scruffy playing football

Lincoln >>
Posted: 24th May 2014

Hi Ena

Thought you might like this clip of Lincoln's first walk off lead. He loved it, zipping about everywhere!


My Bathtime >>
Posted: 14th May 2014

Good news and bad news!
Groom Room was fully booked for 6 weeks so mum and dad gave me a bath. It was the best fun ever as you can see in the video clip. Am now sunbathing to get my coat really dry. I don't look different but feel nice and relaxed.
Love Scooby xxx
Glad you all had fun Scooby xx

Luna >>
Posted: 13th May 2014

Hi Ena and Frank,
I met up with my sister for the 1st time today since we left the kennels for our forever home 8 weeks ago.I can't believe how close she lives to me,we have promised to meet as regular as possible.We had great fun rolling around the grass and terrorising anything or anybody that came near us.
Lots of love
Luna x

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