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Spot the Difference >>
Posted: 14th November 2014

Ena and Frank can you spot the difference..........yes there are now 5 !!!!!!

Collies >>
Posted: 8th November 2014

Thanks Gerry for the video love it don't you just love your Border Collie's so glad two of ours are with you,how happy are they on the bonny Isle of Skye. Xx

Honey >>
Posted: 3rd October 2014

This is wee Honey with a visiting Border Collie lol.

Max >>
Posted: 29th September 2014

This is the life! having a great time with this mad family, I've sooked up to them all now and they'll do anything for me. I think they're well impressed with how fast I run, every time I ran to one of them they gave me chicken, wow!

You won't believe how many walks I get and how many brilliant parks they've been taking me to. Sometimes some of them run about with other people with just one ball between them and keep trying to put it in a net. I don't have a clue what they're up to but lots of other dogs go too so we just play together and get the humans tangled up in our leads, it's great fun.
I just have to yawn when I get home and they get this really comfy bed out for me and I just doze until the next meal comes along. I found a fantastic bed upstairs this morning, nobody knew I was there for ages, snored away to my heart's content, don't know if I'll get away with that again, I might just save that for a treat and catch them out when they're not expecting it.
I hope I get chicken again for breakfast, it keeps me going for hours and then before you know it they've got something else ready for me just when I'm starting to feel a bit peckish.
Well, I might just go give them my cute look now and see if I can manage to scrounge a wee treat before bedtime. Oops that reminds me a walk before bed too, perfect!
Hope you're all managing without me.
lots of love
Max xx

In Remembrance of Fern /Lily >>
Posted: 26th August 2014

This wee lass was adopted on 1st August sadly she was found dead on the road last night :'(

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