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Buster xx

Buster's story is the same as Orla's I know it's a big ask but they get on so well, that we would lo...

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Having fun wrecking oscars snowman >>
Posted: 6th February 2015


Jess >>
Posted: 14th December 2014

Hi Ena and Frank just a quick recording for you. Jess as you can see has found her role over the last 6 months she is rat catcher without equal, its taken a while but she is now calm most of the time and she has become a fantastic dog you can take the collie from the farm but you can NEVER take the farm out the collie!!
Gerry, its so good to see her with so much confidence and they are all certainly enjoying life on the Island xx

Murphy >>
Posted: 28th November 2014

Always love getting updates on how our past residents are enjoying life with their families x
Warmest regards

Spot the Difference >>
Posted: 14th November 2014

Ena and Frank can you spot the difference..........yes there are now 5 !!!!!!

Collies >>
Posted: 8th November 2014

Thanks Gerry for the video love it don't you just love your Border Collie's so glad two of ours are with you,how happy are they on the bonny Isle of Skye. Xx

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