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Buster xx

Buster's story is the same as Orla's I know it's a big ask but they get on so well, that we would lo...

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Luke and Sheldon >>
Posted: 16th October 2016

Luke >>
Posted: 29th August 2016

This is Luke our Border Collie gone to stay with Moss and Jess ( two Second Chance collie's) and their pals.
So pleased for him he's settled in really well.

Diesel and Mayvis >>
Posted: 19th February 2016

This is the Wee lass who has gone to train as a police dog having fun on the beach with her friend Mayvis.

In the second video is more Diesel, what is she like??

Oscar >>
Posted: 24th September 2015

Hello Ena
Just thought I would share this, this burn is just over our garden wall baileys fun place ESP on those hot days! Oscar will stand for ages throwing the stick for him!

Jess and Moss >>
Posted: 17th July 2015

Frank and Ena here are a couple of small videos to keep you up to date with the team. Hope all is well "down the road"?

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