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Rufus >>
Posted: 20th January 2013

Rufus is settling in nicely in his new home, and has met some new friends too! Not bad for a first week eh?

Sunny >>
Posted: 19th January 2013

Hi there

Hope you are all well this is a little vid of Sunny in the garden today, he pulled a piece of tarpaulin that was covering my bike off and was playing with it and then one of Iains slippers that he had stolen a few weeks ago. He has about 10 toys but likes to ‘find’ things to play with!

He is doing really well and is really starting to come out of himself now and also relax more. Such a beautiful boy!

-Janet x

Bailey and Steven >>
Posted: 3rd September 2012

Bailey and Steven having fun in field watch steven fall right at the end ha ha classic !

Oscar and Bailey >>
Posted: 3rd September 2012

Ha ha poor Oscar gets wiped out by bailey!!!

Fergus (Spike) >>
Posted: 21st August 2012

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