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Buster xx

Buster's story is the same as Orla's I know it's a big ask but they get on so well, that we would lo...

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Ambers First Week >>
Posted: 29th May 2013

Hi Ena, Please see attached film of wee Amber, hope you enjoy it, Regards - Jaci x

Hi Jaci & Kenny,

Love the video of Amber ( was Vicky ) what a lucky wee lass,it's amazing how well she has come on in such a short time, brings a tear to the eye. Xx

Oscar and Bailey >>
Posted: 21st May 2013

Joe Jess Moss and a new pup Sheldon >>
Posted: 19th May 2013

Some of you may remember our two Border Collie's Jess and Moss who went to stay on an island up north. Who would believe how good they are with Gerry's beloved goats and I see they have a new wee pup to play with so now there are four collie's as Gerry had Joe before he adopted Jess and Moss, thanks so much for the updates Gerry x.

The C (collie) Team >>
Posted: 18th May 2013

Nanook >>
Posted: 23rd March 2013

This is " Our Nanook " the Husky / Mute letting herself out of the kennel, clever little madam !! Harry takes Nanook out regularly and managed to catch her at this.
Video thanks to Harry Greig from KINGDOM K9 01592 770524.

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