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Sad story here !! This older lady and three other dogs were left with us when their owner passed awa...

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Korkie >>
Posted: 18th July 2013

Hi Ena and Frank,

Well today I have found my voice! I have been barking at people passing by, lawn mowers and strimmers and worst of all, the church clock next door. It chimes every hour and I accompany it from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. That's an awful lot of barking. I hope you can see the video Chris sent.

I am being a very good boy, no aggression at all and loving cuddles. I love my food and it disappears in a matter of seconds.

Off for a lie down now, until someone moves then I will follow them!

Love Korkie x x x

Nanook and Riley. >>
Posted: 17th July 2013

Nanook is doing really well she was at the Scottish game fair with me at the weekend and did great met a lot of new friends as I was with my daughter and we had to take the pictures for the finals of the dog agility competition so she mingled with all sorts and did great. I love her to bits.
Regards Charlie.

Ben and Harvey >>
Posted: 14th July 2013

Hi ena and frank
Here's a wee video of me and Harvey playing with the Sunday breakfast can I come and see yous during the week so I can tell yous how well I'm doing
Love Ben xxx

Nanook Update >>
Posted: 26th June 2013

For anyone who has been following our Nanook's story !!

Nanook has had five homes in her young life, and there was only one who had commitment for her, but sadly their circumstances changed which was really sad. The rest only kept her at the most 2 weeks !!!

Well she is being fostered by Harry & Avril Greig.
Harry runs KingdomK9 Dog behavioural classes. This is some pictures and a video of her with some of the kennels dogs and Harry's own dogs. She has only been with Harry since the 16th of June, lives in the house with his family and his dogs.
They are working so well with her and she is enjoying life with them. Hope everyone enjoys her latest photo's and video I think they are just lovely, thanks Harry x

If anyone has a dog who needs help Harry is your man !! Kingdomk9 01592 770524.

Broc (Formerly Kaiser) Training >>
Posted: 1st June 2013

His name is Broc, he was really hard work but look at him now, shows you what 4 weeks with a dog trainer can do!

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