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Collie, Springer? >>
Posted: 22nd August 2013

A collie or a springer ha ha

Mylo >>
Posted: 7th August 2013

Hi Ena,
I don't know if you will remember this dog but I just thought I would send you a link so you could see how Mylo is getting on now, he will be 8 this winter. He still lives with my Mum and Dad who now live in the borders. They live on a cattle farm and the farmer has 5 Border Collies so Mylo really is in his element, he is especially close with one of them, Nell. He spends all day roaming the farm, and when not out walking with my mum and dad, he will even take himself for walks down to the river and will only retire to the house at night to sleep.

In the video you will see him chasing off rats, something he has picked up from the farm collies! Here is the video!

Hope all is well, and I look forward to the day i can rescue a dog.


Raven >>
Posted: 31st July 2013

Some of you may remember Raven he was only on the web site fro a short time, until my son & dughter in law found him this fantastic home. So pleased for him what a great time he is having., here is is with his new house mate xx.

Woof >>
Posted: 31st July 2013

Jim's trying to cut the grass, guess who's hindering him!!!!

Korkie >>
Posted: 18th July 2013

Hi Ena and Frank,

Well today I have found my voice! I have been barking at people passing by, lawn mowers and strimmers and worst of all, the church clock next door. It chimes every hour and I accompany it from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. That's an awful lot of barking. I hope you can see the video Chris sent.

I am being a very good boy, no aggression at all and loving cuddles. I love my food and it disappears in a matter of seconds.

Off for a lie down now, until someone moves then I will follow them!

Love Korkie x x x

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