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Raven >>
Posted: 31st July 2013

Some of you may remember Raven he was only on the web site fro a short time, until my son & dughter in law found him this fantastic home. So pleased for him what a great time he is having., here is is with his new house mate xx.

Woof >>
Posted: 31st July 2013

Jim's trying to cut the grass, guess who's hindering him!!!!

Korkie >>
Posted: 18th July 2013

Hi Ena and Frank,

Well today I have found my voice! I have been barking at people passing by, lawn mowers and strimmers and worst of all, the church clock next door. It chimes every hour and I accompany it from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. That's an awful lot of barking. I hope you can see the video Chris sent.

I am being a very good boy, no aggression at all and loving cuddles. I love my food and it disappears in a matter of seconds.

Off for a lie down now, until someone moves then I will follow them!

Love Korkie x x x

Nanook and Riley. >>
Posted: 17th July 2013

Nanook is doing really well she was at the Scottish game fair with me at the weekend and did great met a lot of new friends as I was with my daughter and we had to take the pictures for the finals of the dog agility competition so she mingled with all sorts and did great. I love her to bits.
Regards Charlie.

Ben and Harvey >>
Posted: 14th July 2013

Hi ena and frank
Here's a wee video of me and Harvey playing with the Sunday breakfast can I come and see yous during the week so I can tell yous how well I'm doing
Love Ben xxx

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