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Toby xx

Hi it's Toby here again !!! the last family only kept me a week ! They took me to the beach and I wa...

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Luke and more update! >>
Posted: 10th May 2017

-Just a quick recording to keep you up to date with them all........

Molly and Daisy >>
Posted: 8th April 2017

It's so good to see them having such a wonderful time great to see them at the beach, we are all so very happy for them both.

Luke and Sheldon >>
Posted: 16th October 2016

Luke >>
Posted: 29th August 2016

This is Luke our Border Collie gone to stay with Moss and Jess ( two Second Chance collie's) and their pals.
So pleased for him he's settled in really well.

Diesel and Mayvis >>
Posted: 19th February 2016

This is the Wee lass who has gone to train as a police dog having fun on the beach with her friend Mayvis.

In the second video is more Diesel, what is she like??

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