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Well this wee lass joined us this morning, her story is her family are moving and she can't go with ...

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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This page is for all the dogs that have been through the doors of Second Chance Kennels and have sadly passed away.

We will put up photos and stories here as memories to the dogs that were loved so much by us and their owners.

Song: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Floss >>
Posted: 5th March 2009

Hi Ena,

This is a note to let you know George and I have lost wee Floss.

We had to take her to the vet as her backend went,but there was more wrong than we thought.

She wasn't eating,couldn't walk right,and didn't want to do anything.

It was the 26th of January,we had to put her to sleep.

She's left a big hole in our lives,she touched everybody she ever met,she made everyone smile.

She gave George and I a reason to get up every morning.We will never forget her.

We got her over 12 years ago from you at Thornton,we think she was one of best to come from there.

I hope these photos will remind you of her.

Angela and George (Dunfermline)xx
PS: she was an angel in a collie coat


I am so very sorry to hear about Floss I remember when you adopted her from the Pet Care Centre next door, when I used to help out there before Second Chance kennels were built.If my memory serves me well you stayed in Dunfermline near the glen. Phyliss will be sad to hear about Floss but we are all so grateful she had such a wonderful life with you,

Rest in peace sweetheart knowing how well loved you were by your Mum & Dad and all who knew you.

Ena xxxxxxx

Floss  Floss
Rocky >>
Posted: 20th January 2009

Dear Ena,
I have sad news for you, Rocky had a stroke on Thursday and had to be put to sleep.

Rocky and Cassie had become close and she is missing him too, but I think she will be fine given time. We are thankful that we have our wonderful Cassie.

I have attached the last photo of Rocky with Cassie, it was the only one we were able to get as they always went daft when they saw the camera, we were so lucky to get it.

A very sad

Jim Margaret and Cassie

Bonnie >>
Posted: 19th January 2009

Dear Ena

I am so very sad to have to tell you that Bonnie passed away beside us on the bed this morning. She had taken very ill on Thursday morning and was given injections yesterday - hoping it would help her pick up. But her breathing was very laboured - I felt her breathing start to relax and thought she was calming down, sadly I fell asleep cuddling her and woke with her gone, a week after her 8th birthday. We had her for 3 years, 4 months and 2 days - not long enough. We are very privileged that she allowed us into her life, and can't begin to tell you the love we felt for her, Harvey her doting brother included.

I cannot describe to you the pain Mark, Michael and I are feeling - she was our baby, and we don't know how we are going to cope without her.

She was the best thing that has ever happened to us and brought us so much joy and love I cannot tell you - we are absolutely heartbroken.

Lesley, Mark and Michael xx


Bonnie was one of the Rottie girls who came up from down south, to find the most fantastic home ever, thanks Lesley Mark & Michael for giving Bonnie such a wonderful loving home albeit an all too short time, it doesn't matter how long we have our beloved dogs in our lives it is always too soon to say goodbye.
I remember taking Bonnie over on her home visit and there was a run out in the garden with a rabbit in it and our Bonnie decided she would quite like to say hello jumped up and nearly went through the run enclosure, suffice to say the rabbit quickly became an indoor rabbit in one of the kids bedroom.

Run free at the Bridge Bonnie you were such a special girl.
Lots of love from your family and all at Second Chance xxxxxxxxx

Ps I'll try and find a photo of her.

Bonnie  Bonnie
Jade >>
Posted: 9th December 2008

This lovely girl is Jade, her mum & dad came to the kennels five years ago and fell in love with her, Jade was nine years old when they adopted her, she has spent the last five years being loved and cosseted.Her mum & dad are devastated and miss her so very much.Rest in peace Jade knowing how much you were loved.

From Ena & all at Second Chance xx.

Monty >>
Posted: 28th November 2008

It was with great sadness we learned that this lovely lad has gone to the Bridge. We first met Monty's mum when she came to offer him a home all these years ago.Pat and her husband had Oscar an older black lab at the time. Sadly Oscar has also gone so he and Monty will be together again young and fit.
Pat is such a lovely lady that when I called her to say I had a 5 month old golden lab and then a 6 month old chocolate lab she was over like a shot offering them homes, she also took Dougie in who had been left tied to a bus stop and was just a youngster. ( she has a very understanding husband )So Monty had all these lovely friends in his life. You had such a lovely life Monty you couldn't have been more loved or cared for, to say your folks are devastated is an understatement they are heart broken. Go play with Oscar and rest easy you were one very lucky boy having people who adored you as much as you loved them.

Love from Ena & all at Second Chance but most of all from your mum / dad & " brothers " xxxxxx

Chip >>
Posted: 17th November 2008

Had a call from Linda she has sadly lost her beloved Chip, he is on the left of the photo. He was adopted from us way back before we had the kennels, when I used to work from home. He has had a wonderful life this is him with his sis Misty another Second Chance girl.
Rest in peace Chip in the knowledge you were well loved and will be sorely missed.xx

Zack >>
Posted: 13th November 2008

This is Zack he was adopted seven years ago and has had such a wonderful life. Sadly, Zack has gone to the Bridge due to ill health, way too early at only seven years old. However, he has had all the love in the world and was adored by his owners, something a lot of dogs never get.

Hi there, you wont remember me, myself and my husband bought Zack from you
seven years ago. He looked like a black lab in disguise, (a few
wee white bits) he was hyper when we bought him desperate for attention. I
think him and his brother Dino came in at the same time, but Dino was away
when we got Zack. It was to let you know, the joy that Zack gave us, shall
never be replaced, he was the best dog in the world, and sadly, three
months ago, we had to have him put down as he went blind due to diabetes.
I found your website and I had to email to tell you we had seven great
years with him. If you can reply to my e-mail, I shall send you a nice
photo of him.

Kind regards

Jenny livingstone

Here is the lovely boy himself. Sleep easy Zack you were obviously so well loved and will be sorely missed by your family xx

Harry >>
Posted: 8th November 2008

Well, we had some more really sad news on Thursday. Our wee Harry the Griffon has sadly gone to the Bridge. He had only been with his Mum since the 13th April this year. He must have been about thirteen years old and was quite poorly to start with when he was here.I remember Mhairi and I had to take him to the vets as he was really unwell. He was in the vets a few days and we went to see him, we were devastated as he looked as though he was going to leave us then, but no he rallied round and he came " home ".Then Alexis saw him and that was it love at first sight. He had another two wee Griffons for company.He was such a special wee lad everyone loved him and we are just so sorry he didn't get longer with his family but at least the seven months he did have were very happy ones filled with love. Rest in peace wee man you touched a lot of hearts while you were here.
Ena and all your friends here at Second Chance xx.

Shamus >>
Posted: 1st November 2008

Hi folks, I just read your bit about shamus and wanted to let you know how sad we were making that last call to the vet. Shamus was not the sharpest card in the pack and a bit of a bozo at times, however he was a lovable bozo and was very good with people and other animals including dogs, cats and horses. He even played with the young horse that Rhonda has. He supposedly hated cats when we got him but he had never met a "Maxi" cat. Maxi soon had Shamus trained and they became best buddies. Unfortunately at around two years old he took ill and everything was tried, he had all sorts of blood samples, skin biopsies etc and the only conclusion was that he had a form of "Sebboraic eczema" Not sure about the spelling. Apparently it is a genetic thing that strikes at about two years of age. We managed to bring him back from the dead once with the aid of steroids and other pills. Unfortunately, he started going downhill again and we just could not watch him suffer.Although it was all a bit sad, Rhonda and I were happy that we were able to have the pleasure of his company for two short years. He really was a nice dog. Best wishes : Ben & Rhonda ps : he is buried in a lovely spot under a tree by a burn - rest in peace Shamus.


Well it's been a really sad week here at the kennels two of our past residents both young dogs have gone to the Bridge.

We have about seven dogs on the Isle of Skye two of them are at the Lodge Hotel Edinbane owned by Hazel & Peter, who have become dear friends.We call them our Skye branch of Second Chance Kennels. They do home visits for us on the Island and it is because of them we now have such lovely homes for our dogs on the Island.

Well Hazel called me on Wednesday the 29th Oct. To tell me that Shamus our lovely Shepherd has gone to the bridge again a youngster about 3 years old. Shamus lived on Skye with Rhonda & Ben until quite recently and had a great life, loads of space and Sam his special friend the collie to keep him company. Then his folks moved down to the borders and of course he and his collie friend went with them. He hadn't been keeping well,he had a really bad skin condition latterly, his folks tried everything they could to help him but then he was finding it difficult to walk, so with much sadness decided it wasn't fair to let him suffer and let him go to the Bridge.
We would like to thank Rhonda and Ben for giving him such a happy although way to short a time with them.
You are the first dog from the Skye branch to go to the Bridge Shamus and Hazel & Peter send their love and hope you know you were so well loved rest in peace , Hazel says goodnight god bless. xxxxxxxx

Pheonix >>
Posted: 1st November 2008

Some of you may remember Pheonix our handsome Alaskan Malamute,
Your mum called us last Saturday 25th Oct :to say you weren't very well.They took you to the vets but sadly you were so ill, you didn't come home with them. Angela & Billy are devastated as are all of us at the kennels, it's so hard to take in you were so young, not even two years old and had everything to live for.We all feel so sad for you at last you had found the home of your dreams, we were so happy for you,( especially Ena as Frank was making noises about adopting you himself) and then this happens, you were such a sweetheart Pheonix and everyone loved is so unfair sometimes.. At least your last few months were very happy ones both here at the kennels and then at home with your folks, who already have a Second Chance dog wee Susie who is now ten years old, you and she were getting on so well and she still lies at the front door waiting for you to come home.Rest in peace big man knowing you were so loved and will be so missed by everyone who knew you.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

We would like to thank PAWS R-I-P for the very caring professional way in which they dealt with Pheonix's cremation. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, they are truly caring lovely people, and Pheonix is now at rest in his own home.
Thank you Brenda & William.

Marcus >>
Posted: 16th October 2008

This is Marcus he came into us with his brother Chad ( 8yrs) after their family moved abroad. Marcus was 11yrs young they were both rehomed together in February of this year. Their mum absolutely adored them both and they went on to have a very happy secure life. Sadly, Marcus has gone to the Bridge. We are so very sorry he didn't have longer with his mum but the time he did have was quality time and we are so grateful he had these few months of happiness.
Rest in peace wee man you were well loved this year xxxxxxxx

Jason >>
Posted: 16th October 2008

This is wee Jason he had originally been kept in an indoor kennel most of his younger life. Then we were asked to take him in.He was such a sweetheart,then this lovely couple came to the kennels looking for a wee dog and there he was of course they both fell in love with him and have had him since 23rd March 2004, he was eight years old. Sadly, Jason has gone to the Bridge and his mum & dad are devastated, he was just over twelve years old but had the most fantastic loving home he could ever have hoped for.
Sleep easy wee man you were well loved xxxxxx

Robbie >>
Posted: 23rd July 2008

This is Robbie isn't he handsome, he was adopted from here back in 2004 this was his third home and thankfully his last, he was then joined by Loca a Second Chance puppy and some kittens. All totally adored by their family.
The family had been out for a lovely walk when something startled Robbie and he headed for home, someone who thought they were doing the best thing tried to head Robbie off and he ended up running onto the railway track, and you can guess what happened next.His family and his best pal Loca are devastated.
We were so very sad to hear about Robbie because he had at last found his perfect home.
Our condolences go to his family at this very sad time.

Sleep easy Robbie xx
Ena / Mhairi and all at Second Chance.

Leah >>
Posted: 6th July 2008

It was with great sadness we learned that Leah had gone to the Bridge.

When Leah first came to us she was about 6 years old , she had to have an op for stones in her bladder., then she had to be on special very expensive food.
I can remember her mum Andrea coming to look for a wee friend, she saw Leah and it was love at first sight even though I pointed out the cost of her food ect: it made no odds this was her girl and she needed to take her and give her a good home.Well that was about nine years ago. Leah you had such a wonderfull home with your mum and will be so very sadly missed by everyone who knew you.

Sleep tight Leah xx

Nana >>
Posted: 6th July 2008

Dear Lydia & Derek,

So very sorry to hear about your beloved girl, but what a happy life she had with you both and of course with Dylek, both so much loved thank you so much for being there for them. x

Go find Dylek,Nana and then if he lets you have a lovely rest xx

Dear Ena,

With completely shattered hearts and tremendous sorrow we would like to let
you know about losing our beloved girl Nana. On Friday 4th July, after 10
months of very courageous fighting, Nana finally lost her battle with

Since the very first day we met Nana almost 7 years ago, she made our lives
joyful and more fulfilling. She also instantly created a life lasting bond
with her companion, playmate and dear rotti pal - Dylek.

We gave Nana many pet names to reflect her different personalities. "Nana-
piranha" - because she had very sharp teeth and was very quick with them.
"Niania" - a very soft very caring and sweet "puppy" - she was playful like
a puppy, always with a ball in her mouth, always happy to run and show how
obedient she was in bringing it back. Nana was also our guardian, protector
and tough - as she thought the rottie should be. She was everything we ever
wanted her to be.

Her entire life was full of adversities.almost constant cysts in the paws,
twice near death experiences - one during paralysis from dislocated disc and
then after being hit by a car.But being very hungry for life she fought back
and won each time. She was not very lucky in her life but we feel very
privileged having her in our lives and being able to fight with her.

For the last ten months, we were trying to do as much as we could to help
her battling this horrible cancer and she did everything to co-operate - even
eating garlic and drinking so bitter tinctures and remedies that many
people would not even smell. She enjoyed every moment during this difficult
time and we cherished every day like a special bonus.

The cancer got stronger and in the end affected her nose. She was began
gasping for air and was continually panting.We could not let her suffer
anymore and had to let her go.

Nana, you will always be our little sunshine and there will always be a very
warm and special place in our hearts for you. We love you so much.
Run across the Rainbow Bridge and find Dylek. He is waiting there for you
and will look after you as he always did. We will come and join you there
one day.

God bless.

Nana  Nana
Nana  Nana
Zara >>
Posted: 5th July 2008

Hi Ena

As you know we are sad to say we lost our Zara. We were very lucky when we ended up with Zara (originally Maddy) as we got her back in December 1998 and she was only 8 weeks old and a full pedigree black lab, She had came from a farm and had only just came in to you but there was someone else interested in her for his son/daughter but he wanted you to keep her until Christmas and we were very lucky you said no so we could have her. We will never forget the day she arrived as she was hiding inside your jacket and at first we thought you never brought her until her wee head popped out, Zara was for our daughter Claire who had harped on for ages about getting a black lab and as she did not have any brothers or sisters she was to be a companion for her as she was only 12. Claire will never forget the day when she came home from school as Zara was a big surprise for her. Over the years Zara was a great companion for all of us and was a very clever and special dog, she brought tears,joy and laughter to us all for the whole 10 years of her life. Zara will be sadly missed by us all and all her friends and adopted family she had as she was very popular, adorable and loved by everyone. Putting our Zara to sleep was the hardest thing we have done but it was for the best to stop the pain as she had developed a tumour which unfortunately affected her nervous system as well.

Zara we want to say thank you for lighting up our lives
We will never forget you and you will be in our Hearts forever
Sleep tight

Brian,Tricia & Claire

Claire Tricia & Brian,

We were so sorry to hear your beloved Zara has gone to the bridge.

Do you remember Brian, you were in a queue in Asda when Frank and I first told you about this wee lass.She had only been bought the week before by someone and the three year old in the house wouldn't leave her alone. Talk about fate this wee black lab puppy needed someone and there you were, and what a wonderful life she had with you all thank you.

Sleep in peace at the bridge Zara xx

Meg >>
Posted: 8th June 2008

Hi Alison & John,

It was nice to see you yesterday I'm just so sorry it was to bring Meg's bit's & pieces to us. What a difference from the wee waif you adopted eight years ago. x

Hello Ena

Here are a couple of pictures of our wee black friend. They were taken on the first and last days that she was with us. What a difference!

John & Alison Nicol

Meg  Meg
Meg >>
Posted: 2nd June 2008

This wee girl was left tied to the kennel gates way back in September 2000 only about 12 weeks old with only her blanket & toys for company. She was such a lovely wee soul and found such a wonderful home with Alison & John. When they came to the kennels they needed a dog that wasn't car sick as they went to France for holidays. Guess what they chose our wee Becky ( back then) her folks chose Meg for her name. and she was sick in the car ect: Good news was on the long journey to France she was absolutely fine. She used to send post cards to let us know how much she was enjoying her new life.
It was with great sadness I opened an e-mail today to find she had lost her battle with cancer.Our sincere condolences to Meg's family and thank you so much for giving " our " girl such a wonderful life, just so sorry you didn't have her longer.This is a photo of her on her last visit to the kennels to see us.
You will be at the Bridge now sweetheart and there will quite a lot of Second Chance dogs there to meet you and keep you safe x

Lots of Love
Ena and all at Second Chance xx

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to tell you that our beloved and beautiful Meg left us this morning. Her battle against stomach cancer was lost and we had to let her go. For almost 8 years she was our greatest companion and dearest of friends and it is very hard to contemplate life without her. I can only offer you our hearfelt thanks for having brought us together and wish your enterprise every success in the future.
John and Alison Nicol

Alfie >>
Posted: 1st June 2008

We were very sorry to hear that " our " Alfie has gone to the bridge.
His mum & dad are absolutely devastated by his loss.

Alfie came to us one Saturday afternoon a few years ago, he had been found wandering about in a car park up Falkland Hill. Fiona his mum was there when he arrived and she totally fell in love with him.He was dirty and his coat was all matted.We had to wait and see if he was going to be claimed, but he never was, so Fiona brought her husband Ronnie to meet him again love at first sight.He has had the most wonderful home where he was adored, even had his pet passport and travelled back and forwards to France regularly.

Sleep tight Alfie in the knowledge that your last home was such a wonderful one.

Lots of love
Ena xxx.

Lassie >>
Posted: 23rd May 2008

Trying again to get our girl's pics through to you. The first one is trying to stare Dad out to make sure he leaves some food for the starving! The next one is having had a drink after a tiring day out at Lochore Meadows and finally at attention-this was the nearest to a pose as she turned her back if the camera came out.

Marion xx

This lovely girl was adopted by Marion & Dave way back in 2002 she was five years old then. Sadly, we have just heard that Lassie has passed over to the Bridge and everyone is devastated. Lassie was such a lovely girl and will be very sorely missed. Especially by her mum & dad.

Rest in Peace Lassie you were such a special girl.

Love from Ena and all at Second Chance Kennels xx

Lassie  Lassie
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