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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This page is for all the dogs that have been through the doors of Second Chance Kennels and have sadly passed away.

We will put up photos and stories here as memories to the dogs that were loved so much by us and their owners.

Song: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Gizmo >>
Posted: 9th December 2010


27th January 2002 - 5th August 2010

Age 8 Years 7 months

All at Second Chance Kennels

It is with a very heavy heart that June and I have to let you know that our beloved and well loved GIZMO had to go to sleep at such a young age 8 years 7 months.

We are so devastated and at a loss of such a smashing wee guy, he was our ‘Little boy with a fur coat on’. Some may say we are too sensitive but we have been shedding many a tear and are stunned.

He had been feeling unwell for some time and recent tests and scans proved Tumours in his stomach and lungs. He had a well loved life and great fun with Fred and Megan, (both rescue dogs).

As you know he was a great little character and was loved by the family and all who met him.

We know it is early days but we have great difficulty accepting that he is not here with us. We know in time we will adjust to this, but we will never stop thinking of and loving him.

We still hear his footsteps as he pads down the stairs or from room to room.

So with a heavy heart we have let him go to RAINBOW BRIDGE.

Could you please please put our beloved GIZMO in that little place just before heaven called Rainbow Bridge where he can become Healthy and strong again

Sleep tight our wee one and remember your not alone.

June John, Fred and Megan xx

Gizmo  Gizmo
Gizmo  Gizmo
Kara >>
Posted: 2nd December 2010

Two adorable 16 week old Rottie puppies came in for adoption five weeks ago, girl and boy Kara & Kaiser ( not the names they came in with )
Kara was much smaller than her brother but we never expected the news we got when we took them for their check up ect the vet told us Kaiser was very healthy but wee Kara had a very bad heart murmur. So we took her to see Craig a top cardiologist for animals, he saw us on the 16th Nov.He let Mhairi and myself stay during her heart scan, but the news was devastating he said she could have 9 days / 9 weeks or 9 months but that she wouldn't be in pain she would just go to sleep at some point and just sleep away.Sadly she only had 9 days.
If there was anything we felt good about in her passing is she was not alone she went home with Avril and Harry at tea time on Wednesday night 24th Nov had a good night with them and their boys, was very happy, she went up to their bedroom so they could keep an eye on her, she quite happily went to bed but slept away during the night, how sad is this. Everyone is devastated we all loved her so much she was just an Angel. What is they say A little flower just lent not given to bud on earth and bloom in heaven. She was with us such a short time but wound her paws round everyone's hearts.So Mhairi's mum wrote this wee poem for us and here it is !!!

Sweet Kara was our Rottie and her heart wasn't strong
Cardiologist Craig knew she couldn't last long
But Harry and Avril took her into their home
With son's Cammy and Fraser she was never alone
She was with them for only one very short night
Her passing was painless, she'd just no strength to fight
Though at five months her life had barely begun.
She has a special place in the hearts of everyone x.

Harry and Avril took you along to PAWS R.I.P. Where you were treated with such dignity and we had you back with us at the kennels on Friday 26th Nov..Our thanks to Brenda Billy Dave and Anne.
You can rest in peace wee one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here are some pics taken of Kara in her final days with us:

Fraser & Kara, At home with Cammy, happytimes, playtimes, Kara & Kaiser

Kara  Kara
Kara  Kara
Kara  Kara
Kara  Kara
Stig ( Our boy) >>
Posted: 26th October 2010

Sir Stig, Pent House Suite, Room 101, Second Chance Kennels,Balbeggie Avenue,Thornton


Stig who was our resident for over five years at the kennels, has sadly gone to Rainbow Bridge. We can’t begin to tell you how heartbroken and devastated we all are. He was such a big part of life here at the kennels. Everyone who knew him, knew all about his wee ways and what a great loyal loving dog he was. He took ill on Saturday the 16th Oct: we took him to the vets where he stayed all weekend but never showed any sign of recovering. We knew in our heart of hearts that it was his time to go. When Frank Ena & Mhairi had said goodbye to him and came out of the vets to go back to the kennels, it wasn’t raining but there was a huge rainbow in the sky and we knew Stig was telling us that he was now at peace and free from pain.

Rest in peace wee man knowing how much you were loved and will be missed by everyone who knew you at Second Chance xxxxxxxxxx

Our sincere thanks to Brenda Billy and Dave from PAWS R.I.P who treated you with such dignity. You are now safely back at the kennels.

Stig ( Our boy)  Stig ( Our boy)
Fergie >>
Posted: 18th August 2010

This is wee Fergie she was adopted over 14 years ago, when we worked from home. Fergie was about 18 months old and her folks absolutely adored her.Her dad wrote Fergie Our Best Friend. Our beautiful dog.Miss you always xxx.Rest in peace lass xxxxxxx

Badger >>
Posted: 18th August 2010

This is Badger a Border collie who was adopted from here a few years ago sadly he was quite young when he passed over to the Bridge his mum just adored him and his big "sis" Keeva the German Shepherd girl in the photo who sadly passed away three weeks before Badger. So so sad . But they both had a great life with their mum while they were here.Sleep peacefully in the knowledge you were so loved x x

Cassie >>
Posted: 18th August 2010

This is Cassie she was adopted from us when she was eight weeks old.Her " mum " wrote the following.!

This was our wee girl Cassie. We adopted her from Second Chance when she was just a tiny ball of fur at seven weeks oldin January 2002.She has been a very affectionate and loving companion, she was " Our Baby "
Sadly she had lymphatic cancer and even after two big operations we had to put her to sleep, she was only 81/2 years old. She has left a big hole in our lives and we all miss her very much.
Love mum, dad and all the family xx.

Maisie >>
Posted: 5th July 2010

This wee lass was found wandering the streets when she was about 15 /16 years old, We took her in and she was given the lovely name Maisie by Irene our Oliver's mummy.What a sad wee soul she was, but then her Guardian Angel came along in the form of Brenda who totally fell in love with her and she had eight months of being pampered and loved.We are so very grateful to Brenda and family for giving this wee girl at least some months of knowing what love was.

Rest in peace now Maisie darling knowing how much you were loved at least in the last few months of your wee life xxx

Winston >>
Posted: 17th June 2010

Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was so blessed
Although it was only a few months
There is no pain, I suffer not,
Remember not my fight for breath.
Put now these things out of your thoughts,
In your memory I live on.
Please do not dwell upon my death,
But celebrate my life.
Love Winston xxxx

Linda we are all so very sad and sorry that Winston has gone to the Bridge, He was an old man when you took him in and sadly you did not have long with him but the time he had with you and your family was very special, he totally adored you, and followed you everywhere, I know you will miss him especially the click of his nails following you around the house.Just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts for giving him that special home, and can I say that on behalf of Dogs in Distress Ireland they would also like to send their condolences x x

Jess >>
Posted: 24th March 2010

You are so right guys she did hold a special place in our hearts, you know what we are like with our Rotts and she was so like our Sula who is also now at the Bridge, but Jess was lucky you came along and fell in love with her although you had never even dreamed about owning a Rottie. She was such a good dog and now of course you are converted " Rottie " people now. Jess is now here at the kennels thanks to PAWS R.I.P.Feel free to visit anytime. Take care x x.

Sleep tight Jess knowing how much you were loved x x x

Dear Ena

This is to let you know that Jess had to be put to sleep on Monday 15th March. We are utterly devastated and shocked but we had no choice as she was in so much pain. As you know Jess's main aim in life was to be cuddled and tickled for as long as possible, well that job suited me fine but now there is a great big 'rotti' shaped space and its awful. We know she had a great life with us and was completely spoiled by family and friends alike, but we also know you had a special place in your heart for jess, which is why we thought it would be fitting for her ashes to be back at Second Chance with you. You have been very supportive to us and we are grateful for that.

Thank you Ena,

Graham, Audrey & Amy Mitchell

Jess  Jess
Jaffa >>
Posted: 25th February 2010

Gordon I was so very sorry to hear about your lovely boy Jaffa, and yes he was a wee star but he had a wonderful life with you and your family.
Sleep easy Jaffa knowing how very much you were loved.

Ena Frank and all at Second Chance.xxxxx

Hi Ena
7 yrs ago I came and adopted "Jaffa" a very handsome red cocker spaniel from yourselves, sadly yesterday he had to be put to sleep. In the time he was with us he was the best dog I think I ever had. Every day he greeted me with a hug and I mean a hug his passing has left a huge hole in the family. He gave love and was given love and I know that he is now in a happy place and that one day we will meet again.
Many thanks for your offer to put Jaffa on Rainbow Bridge this would be great. I miss him so much that I find it hard to describe the pain I feel but I do feel he is in a better place free from pain and happy with the dogs that have gone before. We are fortunate that we have Jaffa's friend still a little Jack a Doodle called Pudsey who seems a bit lost at the moment.

Our Beloved Tess >>
Posted: 15th January 2010

We are heartbroken and totally bereft as we have had to say goodbye to you our darling Tess, our constant companion for over fifteen years. I remember well the day we brought you home, we had been fostering dogs for the Pet Care Centre long before we opened the doors of Second Chance. We had fostered about five dogs and found them all good homes, then you came into our lives a wee skinny girl, with the biggest ears and only about a year old, who barked at everyone who looked at you in the kennels. Anyway, you came home and we had Sula our lovely Rottie girl ( also sadly at the Bridge )and Smokey our wee cat, well we took you outside to introduce you and have to say you weren’t impressed with either Sula or Smokey but with love and understanding Sula became your friend but you only suffered Smokey all those years. Michael our grandson was very young at the time and used to come along on our walks down the park, we couldn’t make up our minds whether to name you Bess or Tess but Michael liked Tess, so that became your name although Shadow would have been more appropriate, as you followed me everywhere. We were doing car boots at the time trying to raise the money to build the Second Chance Kennels, It was a Sunday morning and of course you and Sula came along with us, someone expressed an interest in giving you a home and asked if he could meet you, well you jumped from the front seat to the back seat everywhere to get away from this poor man, I should have known then you were trying to say you wanted us to be failed fosterers but I thought I have to let you go and rehomed you after a home visit. Your dad Frank was night shift I remember vividly as I cried all night when you went and your Dad came home in the morning and asked where you were, I said I have rehomed her, he said oh why Ena she was so meant to stay with us, phone and see if she settled so at 8:45 on the Monday morning I phoned but they said you hadn’t settled, I was at their door before 9am, you were out in the garden I called you in I was sitting on the couch you put your paws round my shoulders and cuddled your wee face into my neck that was over fifteen years ago, the rest is history. No more chasing stones here sweetheart we just hope the Bridge has a plentiful supply for you. We used to laugh at you as you would have one in your mouth and if you saw another one on the ground you used to point your nose at it, you did make us laugh. You have been such a wonderful companion all these years, we couldn’t have asked for a more loyal loving girl. and we are totally lost without
you our darling girl, you have left a very large void in our lives. Kyra, Jet and wee Sandy miss you too. We called the vet to the house as we knew in our heart of hearts you were telling us it was your time to go, you slipped away so very peacefully, in the room where you used to lie beside me when I was on the computer We took you to Paws RIP, and when we got your ashes back I tucked you safely into a wee doggy pyjama case, I had you lying bedside me on the couch, when wee Sandy came over and snuggled into you, it was so lovely but so heartbreaking it was as if he knew you had come home Tess, back into the bosom of the family who totally adored you. Have fun at the Bridge while you wait for us to join you Tess, hopefully you will meet up with all the family dogs and have fun playing in the sun free from pain. You are only ever a heartbeat away. Lots of love from your ever loving Mum & Dad and all the family & friends who knew and loved you.
God Bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

First pic is Tess coming out of the dog warden van.the day she was picked up as a stray, the people who didn't claim her lost out on so much .2nd pic with her dad on a picnic coming back from a rare holiday in Inverness.3rd is Tess at Riverside Aberdeen.

Tess having a swim at Riverside and here she is with Michael & Ryan our grandsons playing at being referee.

This is Tess two days before we had to say goodbye, she is just so so lovely and lastly Tess with our Sula x

To Ena & Frank.

We know you'll shed many tears
To mourn Tess your companion of years
You've seen her black coat turn to venerable grey
And now your dear shadow has slipped quietly away.
But now that her time has come to depart
Keep her sweet memory locked in your heart.

Our Beloved Tess  Our Beloved Tess
Our Beloved Tess  Our Beloved Tess
Our Beloved Tess  Our Beloved Tess
Our Beloved Tess   
Meggie >>
Posted: 12th December 2009

Valerie & Andrew we were so so very sorry to hear about Meggie and your right she was a very special and she had a very special Mum & Dad. To think where she came from to the life she had with you both, we will never be able to thank you enough for all the love you showered on her.

Hi Ena

I can't believe that it has been a week since we had to say goodbye to our wee darling Meggie. We were so blessed to have her join our family, she was such a special little girl and has left a huge gap in our lives. She had a lovely personality and was loved by everyone she met. I have attached some photo's of her travels - the one with Andrew in the boat you would think she is laughing at him. We will keep in touch and maybe one day we will be equally blessed with another of your special doggies - but for now we are still getting used to not having her with us.

God Bless

Valerie and Andrew

Meggie  Meggie
Meggie  Meggie
Meggie  Meggie
Murphy >>
Posted: 27th November 2009

This is our wee Murphy I used to call him my wee hairy whippet cross, an absolute wee darling.Who found such a wonderful forever home with Kirsten John Gemma & Jade. Thank you guys for giving our wee lad such a lovely home.

It is with a very broken and heavy heart that I write to tell you that Murphy (Our little hairy whippet mix) passed away in June of this year.Murphys heart was willing but his body became to frail and so with the help of his vet Jo we made the hard decision to let him go and be fixed by the angels at rainbow bridge.
It has as you know Ena taken so long to put something on Rainbow Bridge for our boy, as we couldn’t find the words for the pain we as a family are in over the loss of our Murphy dude.

Murphy you came to us a 9yr old! and we had you for a short time, but no time would have been long enough with you. It did not take us very long to realise that you were such a special boy. Who became a therapet and brought joy to not just us as a family but to many people in the homes that you visited. You introduced us to Ena and Frank and along with Janet and Mhairi, we are sure that we have found friends for life in them, as we through you, became part of Second Chance.
You introduced me to the fun companion dog shows winning Best Veteran in Show many times over, through your scruffy appeal. But best of all you became my best friend, a loyal companion to me when times were tough, you never left my side and for that I will always love you, for what the heart as once known and loved it never forgets. Go and play with your brother and sisters Murfi-man, Blaze, Honey and Zorro at Rainbow Bridge and wait there for us, as when its my turn, the bridge is the first stop I am making. And know that you gave the rest of the gang you left behind very big shoes to follow in. I will love and treasure the memory’s we had together and know this, You have a place in my heart that solely belongs to you.
Play well as time passes quickly at the bridge.

Loving you always and forever
Mum, Dad, Jemma, Jade
Tizer, Bob, Jess, Gayle, Barry X

BIlly Boy & Robbie >>
Posted: 9th November 2009

We adopted Billy Boy, a cross Collie a while ago from you and he brought joy to the whole family including Angel our German Shepherd. Unfortunately, Billy Boy had to be put to sleep because of cancer and he is sorely missed. My husband was very close to him and we also lost Robbie to heart failure in April. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to Ena & Second Chance Kennels for allowing Billy Boy to become a member of our family.
All the best for the future xxxxx

Brenda so very sorry to hear about your beloved boys, may they rest easy knowing how very much loved they both were.

Sleep in peace boys, lots of love from your folks and all at Second Chance. xxxxxxx

Buster >>
Posted: 28th September 2009

Just a wee note to let you know that our Buster (known as Tim when he was with you) was put to sleep on Thursday he'll be very much missed we had a great 6 years with him thank you for letting us have him.

Dawn, Graham & Ben

We were all so very sorry to hear about Buster ( Tim as we knew him here) He was so lucky to have found you and Graham after he was just abandoned and left to his own devices. We all adored him while he was with us and were so pleased when he found a new home. So thank you once again for being so kind to him in the six years you had him, we will always be so grateful to you and Graham.

Buster sleep easy big man knowing you were so well loved and will be sorely missed.

Love from your mum & dad and from all of us here at Second Chance xxxxxxx

Fred & Ginger >>
Posted: 18th September 2009

It is with heavy hearts, we have to tell everyone that our beloved Fred & Ginger have gone to the bridge. They were with us from 7th December 2007 until 15th September 2009.

These two German Shepherds came to us on 7th December having been abandoned at the Bank of Scotland near Asda in Kirkcaldy.

They were old then and such sad wee souls all bedraggled and bewildered. We went to collect them and they were brought back to the kennel, where they have stayed ever since.

They had a really good life and used to go over the field with Frank, Kirsten, John/Gemma, Morag/Adam, Moira/Liz & Catherine who just adored them and could be found when she was at the kennels round speaking and playing with them. They loved their toys so much.

Fred & Ginger also loved being brushed and used to vie for attention when one was being brushed, the other wanted brushed, it was quite funny, they were like an old married couple.

Latterly, sadly Freds legs weren't so good and Ginger had a huge growth and her legs were also quite bad, so were unable to go for the well loved walks anymore. They had, thanks to the many people who sponsored our isolation kennel, a wonderful bid enclosure with a raised double bed, a large couch(which they loved) and beds with duvets etc, they were very comfortable.

Frank & myself took the very hard decision(and it was hard I can assure you) to let them go. We did a lot of soul searching but knew it was in their best interest. It meant so much to us that their special people were there to say goodbye to them. It just let us see how much loved they both were.

We would like to thank most sincerely Claire the vet and Melissa from Equipet for their kindness and consideration to our old couple. They let them go with dignity held by the people who loved them. it was very hard and they will be sadly missed.

PAWS R.I.P a lovely team who gave our guys the dignity they so deserved.

Frank asked for them to come home together in the one casket with the inscription on their casket which says
Fred & Ginger "Together Forever"

Rest in peace knowing we all loved you
Ena& Frank/ Kirsten & John/ Gemma/Morag & Adam/Moira/Liz,Laura and Janet and ofcourse their beloved Auntie Catherine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Fred and Ginger in happier times over in the fields they loved" xx
Fred and Gingers last resting place beside us in reception x x

Fred & Ginger  Fred & Ginger
Fred & Ginger   
Boomer >>
Posted: 19th August 2009

This is Boomer he was adopted from here about 9 years ago,what a brilliant name they gave him,and what a wonderful life he had with his family. Boomer you were very special to all who knew you.

Sleep tight knowing you were so well loved.

Ena & all at Second Chance xxxxxx


Benji >>
Posted: 16th August 2009

Hi Ena,

as you know, our darling dog Benji died very suddenly on 8 July 09 aged 9 years.

We bought him from Second Chance in July 2000 as a very lively and mischievous puppy. We came that day with our adorable Rough Collie bitch Megan and it was Megan who chose Benji to join our family. It turned out to be marvellous choice.

Benji was a very handsome and placid dog who loved food, food and more food!!! He was also a great big 'sook'!!!!

We miss you Benji more than words can say. Rest in Peace and tell Mush, Shane and Megan (our previous dogs) that we miss them and will remember you all, always.

Lots of best wishes, from

Jane Howell.

So very sorry to hear about Benji, he was such a lovely, big lad and so well loved by everyone. Sleep tight son knowing you were so loved by all your family and friends.

Love from Ena and all at Second Chance xxxxxxx

Sasha >>
Posted: 24th July 2009

Hi Ena

I Have attached a letter about my wee Sasha and photos.

I will send you some different ones, they are on the other computer and yeah I've gone and forgot the password.

Take care and I will see you soon, when hopefully you will make me smile again.

Love Jane


Hi Ena
I have sent a copy of the letter to you about ma wee Sasha on the cover of this email as I don't know if you will be able to copy it to your site via the original way I sent it. Thank you for remembering her with us and posting this on your site.



Sadly after a short sudden illness Sasha passed away on the 6th December 2008, aged 11˝ . I have tried many times to drop you a note but as you know the tears start to run and I have had to leave it.

You brought Sasha to us on the 3rd July 1997 after we lost our wee Tara and I remember you sitting in the house comforting me and then telling me what you had brought in your car. It was the joy of my life – Sasha.

A wee thing that had been left to wander the streets that came into to our arms and our home within hours.

Sasha gave us much more than we ever gave her, she shared her life to the full with us being a huge part of the family. She new us all and loved us as we loved her. If she had been naughty she could not look at Charles and until he asked her if she was sorry then it was kisses and wagging tail. Robert and Amanda grew up with her and she was as they loved their “wee sister” and loved to spend time with her.

Sasha could read us all like a book especially me, and she new exactly how to manipulate me and when she could get away with it.- yes- getting away with sleeping at the bottom of the bed, waking me up if pretended to be asleep and when it came to feeding half an hours before she was due to be fed then she started to let me know and pestered me until she was fed, if I happen to be out then she would wait patiently for who was in the house until feeding time. She would often decide it was time for Charles to get up and would check on him then come and bark for me to go in the kitchen, walk to the kettle area and bark I would ask her “does daddy want a cup of tea” and she would bark.

Sasha has a special bond with us all and impacted our lives; she made us all better people for sharing her life with us. She new, when I needed a cuddle, would lie beside me and get the cuddles she wanted, loved her walks and going in the car with me.

Sasha gave us comfort and joy throughout her life and all she asked for was to us to love and care for her. It was our privilege to have had her with us she has left a void in our lives that will get easier with time and we still feel her love.

We would like to thank you and Frank – for without you we would not have had the joy of Sasha. Phyllis for looking after her when we were on holiday also Jill and staff at Equipet who saw her through her Addison’s Disease which remained stable throughout the rest of her life and fought for her the day she took ill.

The tears are running again and I know it will get easier, thanks again Ena for letting me be her Mum, she was my
baby and I loved her with all my heart.

Keep up the good work, you give people much more than they realise.

Jane Gear

Sasha’s mum

It was great to see you but hopefully we will get a chance for a chat soon (if you have the time, I know your time is very precicious and in great demand) and fingers crossed the right patter of feet cross your doors soon and you will give me that magic call.

Good luck with Bark in the Park, I wish I could get there.

speak to you soon. xxxx


I remember so well the day I introduced Sasha to you and your family, do you remember you had sadly "lost " the first wee girl you adopted from me. You were so sad and I had come round to see how you were all doing. But me being me I had a puppy in the back of the car but I had to see how you were coping without Tara. I had no worries you loved Tara so much and this wee girl so needed someone special to love her and I wasn't wrong Sasha has been loved just as much although thankfully you had Sasha a lot longer,although it is never ever long enough.and thank you so very much for giving her such a wonderful life. x

Sleep tight darling knowing you were such a well loved wee girl

Lots of love from your Mum,Dad & family and from Ena and all at Second Chance xx

Sasha  Sasha
Sasha  Sasha
Sasha  Sasha
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