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Well this wee lass joined us this morning, her story is her family are moving and she can't go with ...

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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This page is for all the dogs that have been through the doors of Second Chance Kennels and have sadly passed away.

We will put up photos and stories here as memories to the dogs that were loved so much by us and their owners.

Song: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Morag >>
Posted: 5th September 2011

Dear Ena

Here with tears is Morag’s story. Please feel free to cut bits out as it may well be too long.

We had spoken about having a dog as an additional family member for a while. David and I had the usual discussions with the boys about the responsibility of being a dog owner. I had secretly been looking on the Second Chance Kennels Web site and was attracted to the Kennels as I felt a lot of consideration went to the dogs wellbeing and future security and safety. In March 2006 I phoned and had a chat with Ena and it was suggested we visit. So on Friday 2nd March we travelled over the bridge to the Kennels. When we got there we kind of hung around, having a bit of a chat watching other people coming and going, of course all that time Ena was quietly and discreetly checking us out! ( quite right too!) After a while Ena explained she had a dog that she thought would be right for us, the dog hadn’t arrived in the Kennels yet but the owners stayed closer to us than Thornton. So Ena made a call we all chatted back and forward and agreed that the owner would bring Morag out to see us that night. She came we took her a stroll had a bit of time with her. Then we let the owner know we would have a chat about it, as the door closed the boys asked when could she come? when could we get her! So next day Morag came to our house!
She settled very quickly and soon became part of the family, much loved.
She was quirky and wise at the same time. Loved the beach, could run for miles even when you took her a short stroll round the woods! She thought she could catch squirrels up trees. She had this funny thing she’d do when lying down she would ‘walk’ towards you one paw at a time, we called her a frog dog when she did this! Mogger the fogger!!

She was really patient with our friends new puppy Sam, we eventually had to intervene to give Morag a break as she never seemed to tell Sam off for being too boisterous!

Other dog walkers would often comment on how good she was, what a lovely shiny coat she had and she became well known around our place with local people and kids.

She wasn’t perfect having to run haul her away from sheep comes to mind and the frustration of clearing up rubbish when we forgot to put the bin out and Morag had eaten all she fancied and scattered the rest on the floor!

She was my girl. We often said she came ready made and we didn’t have to put her in the microwave!

The outcome of the good early care she had received from her first owners.

Early in March this year we woke during the night with Morag having a seizure. This was the beginning of a cluster of seizures every few weeks that despite medication did not appear to be controlled. At the beginning of June Morag had a brain scan in Glasgow University Vet and a brain tumour was confirmed.

After some heartbreaking discussion in the family, with friends, out great vet Mike we decided to let Morag go before she deteriorated further.

So on Wednesday 22nd 9 days after her 8th Birthday, Morag had a Fillet Steak for breakfast and went to sleep peacefully. We were very very lucky to have her and thought we would have her much longer, we loved her to bits and yearn for her.


She was a very special wee girl and so well loved.
Morag sleep well in the knowledge your family adored you and miss you so very much.

RIP Ena xx

Morag  Morag
Morag  Morag
Morag  Morag
Morag  Morag
Sandy >>
Posted: 15th July 2011

Sandy slept peacefully away in my arms Monday 6-15pm 27th June 2011.10 years 7months old. This is one of the hardest things to write.(from your loving daughter Susan, this is the hardest story I have had to put on your website). I am absolutely devastated wee Sandy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, he came into my life at a year old as he had bitten a child. We brought hin into the kennels, he was a very misunderstood wee man and I said to Frank can I bring him home, he said of course you can. I had him at home for about six months while I looked for the right home for him, someone came to the kennels and Sandy took to them and for two years I never saw him only phoned to see how he was doing as it broke my heart to let him go but I knew we couldn’t keep all the dogs. However two years later a chap called to ask if we could take in a Yorkie as his aunt couldn’t look after him anymore. I remember saying just take the wee dog in, and when he was brought to the kennels he came through the door. I was sitting on the couch and said OMG it’s Sandy, the Wee man went crazy jumping all over me and licking my face, he hadn’t forgotten me. Then he jumped down and went to Frank who when I looked at him said yes he can stay he’s going nowhere else. So he spent his nights at the house and his days at the kennels. He didn’t much like people or other dogs although he accepted our girls and Mhairi’s girls and Stella who used to stay with us during the day. He bit quite a few of us, one being Mhairi who then wouldn’t come into the same room as him. However, I eventually managed to turn things around and she went from being in a cold sweat when he was in the room to loving him. We used to laugh because if we wanted him to eat anything Mhairi would put it in her pocket and no matter what he ate it !! When he came home we had to watch him, especially with our grandchildren, but given time and patience and lots of love, he was a wee darling I loved him so much. The only person who he never ever bit for lifting him was our daughter Susan he adored her, she could do anything with him. Another instance that comes to mind was I remember when Graeme the vet came to the kennels to have a look at the computer we always said to everyone “ DON'T LIFT THE YORKIE “ however Sandy went up onto his knee and I said mind stand up and let him jump down but he forgot and lifted Sandy down !!! he said remember and tell everyone it was a big ferocious Shepherd !! Ian from Kingdom FM came about the kennels a lot and eventually Sandy would jump on his knee curl up and go to sleep. Everyone who has known you Sandy has said you were a real character and I know they will never forget you. However you were diagnosed early this year with a tumour in your heart you had to go and have fluid drained from the sac around your heart we did this twice for you, we knew you were on borrowed time but you went downhill so quickly and I couldn’t watch you suffer anymore as you were never going to get better, you went to sleep so peacefully cuddled in on my knee at the kennels on Monday the 27th June at 6-15pm. Your dad and I then took you along to Paws R.I.P. where we said our final goodbye to you wee man. I had never owned a wee dog before but being “ owned “ by you was a real pleasure and I feel priveledged to have shared so many happy years with you. I love you so much wee man and miss you so so much. Run free at the Bridge I hope Tess, Sula and all our other beloved family dogs were there to greet you. You are only ever a heartbeat away Sandy wee man xxxxxxxxx Your forever loving mum Ena xxx. God Bless xxx The 1st pic is my all time favourite of Sandy, Sandy with his pal Kyra, the 2nd last pic is the last one taken of the"Wee man" and finally, last but not least this is "our wee terminator "He had just been out to have his shampoo and set at auntie Karen's and came in and jumped up on the chair and didn't look too happy I couldn't resist taking his pic. I lost a treasured friend today, The little dog who used to lay His gentle head upon my knee. Share his silent thoughts with me He'll come no longer to my call, Retrieve no more his favourite toy. . And though my eyes are filled with tears, I thank Him for the happy years And for his love and loyalty xx miss you always Sandy Wee Man xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sandy  Sandy
Sandy  Sandy
Sandy  Sandy
Zak >>
Posted: 19th June 2011

Sad news,my wee Zak died on the 16th June 2011. He was diagnosed with cushings disease a week before and our vet said that he probebly died of a blood clot, which is known in dogs with this disease. He was the most fantastic wee dog, this is Zak the day before he died in this picture. His favorite hobby was riding horses with me,he loved galloping along the beach, faster the better and he could trot and canter on his own as well.He liked everything fast,fast horses,fast cars and he had them all.I remember the day I got him he was such a wee scruffy thing and very insecure but he ended up being king of the castle(literally).He wasn't a dog that liked every one,infact he was a wee biter and a few people have his teeth signature but it didnt seem to bother people,they all still loved him.Now he has gone and I miss him SO much. I didn't think I could miss a dog as much as this but I do and my heart is broken for ever.Miss him always

So sorry to hear about Zak James I still remember the day I brought him to the stables, he was a wee darling and just needed someone to love and care for him, and thankfully he certainly got that with you.

This is a pic you sent at Christmas what a wee star.
Rest in peace wee man you will be so sorely missed xxxxx

Zak  Zak
Harry >>
Posted: 18th June 2011

Dear Ena and Frank and every one at Second Chance Kennels

It is always difficult to write the one letter where we have to tell
family and friends that a loved member of the family group has gone.
Yesterday 13 June 2011 we had to say good bye to our wonderful gentle
giant Harry. His health had been failing for a long time and several
times we thought that the time had come, even to the stage of getting
his grave professionally dug when he would rally and give everyone a
few more months love and affection. On Sunday evening it was clear that
he was deteriorating rapidly and early Monday morning we made that hard
decision to let the suffering and pain end. He died peacefully in
Peters arms. The big old St. Bernard who had given up on life when he
arrived here on Skye had made many people smile and laugh, he gave
everyone the same warm and wet welcome and love. Thank you Ena for
saving and resucuing him and then for getting him well enough to come to
Skye, albiet it took your internet blackmail to get him here. He is
going to be greatly missed by the other four legged friends, Toby,
Brodie and Bruin. Harry alwasy enjoyed his walks and his paddle in the
river or the sea, he could find lost chickens with that wonderful nose,
greeted the guests with the most ferocious bark but then gave them a
warm welcome, loved the attention from the children at the primary
school, all in all he was a most wonderful giant gentleman.

Wherever you are Harry enjoy the sun on your face and feel no more pain, the
tears are starting we miss you and will remember you always. There is
so much more I could say but you all know his story and how very
special he had become to everyone.



Dear Hazel / Peter & Cal

Frank and myself were so so very sorry to hear about Harry, but very very grateful that he found such a wonderful home up there on Skye with you..He was a poor soul when you adopted him my grandsom Ryan loved him too he has a pic of him and Harry when Harry was all head and no body, he was so thin !! We have been up a few times to visit so have included some pics of Harry with us. and my very favourite one of him lying in front of the fire in the bar.

Rest in Peace Harry I know you are back home where you belong and were so loved.
Love Ena & Frank xxxxxxxx

Harry  Harry
Harry  Harry
Harry  Harry
Harry  Harry
Harvey >>
Posted: 2nd June 2011

Hi Ena,

Don't know if you got the message sent to the website, but Harvey had to be put down on 23rd May. The poor soul's arthritis got very back, very quick over the weekend - we suspect the bone he was laying down over his spine pressed into his spinal chord. The vets were very good and he slept away very very peacefully. It was a relief to see him so calm.
Harvey was the most fantastic dog and I was very lucky to have him for the 10 1/2 years.

At the moment Ben and Blue are thoroughly miserable, but hopefully they will pick up in time.

Linda I'm so very very sorry to hear about Harvey, I know he was so well loved.
Ps. sorry getting e-mails through the web site can be a hit or miss.
Love the one of him smiling, sleep easy Harvey .
With love from Ena and all at Second Chance xxx
Thinking of you and the boys x

Harvey  Harvey
Harvey  Harvey
Sandy >>
Posted: 23rd May 2011

Hi Ena,
I am finding it very hard to send this sad message to you..We lost our lovely friend Sandy on Wednesday 11th of May. He had been slowing down a bit (like we all do as we get older)!! but on the Sunday he did not seem right and was off his food (def not Sandy)!!!we took him to the vets on Monday and they gave him tablets but I just could not get him to eat anything and he was a very unhappy doggie. We went back to the vets on Tuesday teatime he was given a Morphine injection to help the pain and we were to take him back in the morning for a scan. It was the worst night ever he couldn't even stand up right. I had to go to work, it was the hardest thing leaving him, putting my arms round him to cuddle him goodbye.(I can hardly see to type this for the tears).My husband and sister took Sandy to the vets he had to be carried to the car.all morning at work I dreaded the phone ringing and when it rang at 11 am it was my husband who was crying so much he could hardly say that Sandy had a massive tumour deep in his tummy (that's why there was no lumps to feel ) and he needed to be put to sleep.I just had to leave my work as I was so upset and the hardest part was I could not get anyone to cover for me (any other day would not have been a problem but on that day there was no one) so my husband had to go himself to be with Sandy all day I dreaded going home..walking into the house was horrible (it still is)..we have had Sandy cremated and have his ashes back, that was so hard as well. Sandy was our friend ever since we brought him back from Second Chance on 16 March 2001 over 10 happy years.He had lots of lovely holidays with us over the years the last one was only in April this year at our favourite place St Fillans. He will be missed by lots of friends and family, most people in Leven knew Sandy as he was out all the time with us. We are having a family remembrance day on Sunday for Sandy we are going to his favourite places 1..Ruby bay (near Elie) 2..Silverburn park and the beach at Leven. we will have some Champagne to celebrate his life with us..then we will lay his ashes to rest in the garden ..we have had a lovely plaque made for him ..i will send you a photo of his final resting place. Thank you for all the happy times we had with Sandy over the years.I know we will be back to Second Chance to give another lonely pet a home, but right now we are remembering Sandy (the first picture is Sandy sleeping beside me on the Sunday before he died) (the second one was taken just 3 weeks ago at his favourite park Silverburn ) ( and the 3rd was Ruby bay again just 3 weeks ago).
Love from Eileen and Bob Kermack


Oh Eileen & Bob I am so so sorry for your loss he was such a lovely lovely big lad and we are so grateful he had such a wonderful home with you both. What a lovely thing you are doing for him, re your " Sandy Remembrance Day " I hope you have a good day remembering all the fun things ect: he used to do.We will be thinking of you all.

Rest in Peace Sandy you know you were so so special to your family and all who knew and loved you xx

Hi Ena and all at second chance. As promised I am sending you a photo of Sandy's final resting place in the garden. We had a family gathering last night and drank champagne. ( in between showers)!!!. My sister read out a lovely verse ( I couldn't get the words out) to say our goodbyes to our lovely boy. We will still have him in our hearts as well as the garden.Thank you again for giving us 10 happy years with Sandy. We hope to be back to Second chance soon to find another friend to give a home to.
Love from Eileen and Bob Kermack.

Sandy  Sandy
Sandy  Sandy
Lady >>
Posted: 10th May 2011

It is with very heavy hearts we have to say Lady our lovely Collie girl, has gone tp the Bridge, we thought she was just pining for her Mum but sadly she had a lot wrong with her unbeknown to us. We only found out when she stopped eating and was sick everytime she took a drink. We took her to the vets, Angela was very kind but because of all the things she had going on, Frank, myself and Angela the vet knew it was very hard but kinder to let her slip away peacefully.
Lady we only had you a few days but we loved you, you were such a special big gentle girl and we are so very sorry we couldn't make you better. We would if we could have. You are now in safe hands with PAWS R.I.P they will take great care of you until you come back to us.

At last you are with beloved Dad and " brother " Sleep easy lass.

Ena & Frank and all at Second Chance xxx.

Pete >>
Posted: 27th April 2011

We were so very sad to hear about wee Pete one of our Jack Russell puppies, was only about 6 months old, had hardly begun to live, when he was killed in a tragic accident

Rest in peace wee man we all had such great fun with you and your siblings while you were with us, we loved you to bits
God bless x x x

Shaun >>
Posted: 22nd April 2011

Hi Ena,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I worked at the BBC and have a wee dog called Peggy who is missing her big friend at the moment. We moved to Ireland by the sea and Shaun had many happy times running on the beach! He was a great lad and I've put a few words on him below and sent some photos for you to see. (I was looking on your website and Rocky reminds me of him - if only I still lived in Scotland I'd take him a minute - he'd remind me of my big handsome boy). Thanks again Ena.

Sara so very sorry to hear about Shaun he was such a big lovable lad, glad he found you and your family he had a wonderful life with you.

Sleep well big lad you were so well loved and will be sorely missed by everyone
Ena xxxxx

Shaun  Shaun
Shaun  Shaun
Misty >>
Posted: 22nd March 2011

Hi Ena
Two weeks ago Misty went to Rainbow Bridge to join Chip and Winston. She was nearly 17 years old, a Second Chance girl before the days of the Kennels. Chip and her had 15 years together and Misty went on to be leader of the pack of 4 dogs when I moved house. We have lovely memories of her which make us laugh and remember her happy life. Thank you for directing her our way. We have the lovely Sally to keep our link with Second Chance Kennels.

You all do a great job taking in dogs, finding homes for them and keeping up with how they are all getting on...... appreciated by all the lucky owners out there.


''Good-bye Misty... go find Chip and Winston ... and wait by the bridge ... love Mum x''

Linda so so sorry to hear about Misty she was such a lovely girl, so pleased she found you all those years ago. She has had such a great life with your family and her doggy brothers & sisters..Sleep peacefully wee one knowing how much you were loved by everyone, hope you found Chip & Winston ok.lots of love from all of us here at Second Chance. X x

Misty  Misty
Misty  Misty
Misty  Misty
Misty  Misty
Rocco >>
Posted: 19th January 2011

Hi Ena
It is with great sadness that I write this email to you but our loving and faithfull companion Rocco passed away at 7am on 20th october 2010. Thank you very much for allowing us to have 10 wonderfull years with him(as it was pretty hard trying to prize him off you ha ha)He has left a great void in our lives and will be truley missed.

Susan & Scott so sorry about Rocco but he did have a wonderful life with you and your family . Rest in peace big lad knowing how much you were loved by everyone xx.

Emma >>
Posted: 9th January 2011

Emma 31July 1999 - 31 December 2010
11 Years 5 Months

Hi Ena,
It has been a week now since we lost our wee princess Emma and we are devastated
and broken hearted. She came to us through the kindness of Ena & Mhairi at Second Chance Kennels which we will always be eternally gratefull to. She was such a lovely, good natured, friendly wee girl with a huge personality which everyone loved so much. She was a character and a half and has left such a huge hole in our and her
brother Cesar's life.

What we know now is that she is in no pain and will be having fun at Rainbow Bridge with all her new friends until we all meet again.
We love and miss you so much our wee darling.
Emma R.I.P

Thank you Isobel & David we were so sorry to hear about your lovely Emma, do you remember how she came into your lives, I'm sure you do. It was at Bark in the the Park when I met you with Cesar, and asked him if he would like a wee pal and the rest is history. Thank you so much for giving Emma such a wonderful home. Rest in peace wee one, you know how much you were loved by your family xxx

Emma  Emma
Emma  Emma
Gizmo >>
Posted: 9th December 2010


27th January 2002 - 5th August 2010

Age 8 Years 7 months

All at Second Chance Kennels

It is with a very heavy heart that June and I have to let you know that our beloved and well loved GIZMO had to go to sleep at such a young age 8 years 7 months.

We are so devastated and at a loss of such a smashing wee guy, he was our ‘Little boy with a fur coat on’. Some may say we are too sensitive but we have been shedding many a tear and are stunned.

He had been feeling unwell for some time and recent tests and scans proved Tumours in his stomach and lungs. He had a well loved life and great fun with Fred and Megan, (both rescue dogs).

As you know he was a great little character and was loved by the family and all who met him.

We know it is early days but we have great difficulty accepting that he is not here with us. We know in time we will adjust to this, but we will never stop thinking of and loving him.

We still hear his footsteps as he pads down the stairs or from room to room.

So with a heavy heart we have let him go to RAINBOW BRIDGE.

Could you please please put our beloved GIZMO in that little place just before heaven called Rainbow Bridge where he can become Healthy and strong again

Sleep tight our wee one and remember your not alone.

June John, Fred and Megan xx

Gizmo  Gizmo
Gizmo  Gizmo
Kara >>
Posted: 2nd December 2010

Two adorable 16 week old Rottie puppies came in for adoption five weeks ago, girl and boy Kara & Kaiser ( not the names they came in with )
Kara was much smaller than her brother but we never expected the news we got when we took them for their check up ect the vet told us Kaiser was very healthy but wee Kara had a very bad heart murmur. So we took her to see Craig a top cardiologist for animals, he saw us on the 16th Nov.He let Mhairi and myself stay during her heart scan, but the news was devastating he said she could have 9 days / 9 weeks or 9 months but that she wouldn't be in pain she would just go to sleep at some point and just sleep away.Sadly she only had 9 days.
If there was anything we felt good about in her passing is she was not alone she went home with Avril and Harry at tea time on Wednesday night 24th Nov had a good night with them and their boys, was very happy, she went up to their bedroom so they could keep an eye on her, she quite happily went to bed but slept away during the night, how sad is this. Everyone is devastated we all loved her so much she was just an Angel. What is they say A little flower just lent not given to bud on earth and bloom in heaven. She was with us such a short time but wound her paws round everyone's hearts.So Mhairi's mum wrote this wee poem for us and here it is !!!

Sweet Kara was our Rottie and her heart wasn't strong
Cardiologist Craig knew she couldn't last long
But Harry and Avril took her into their home
With son's Cammy and Fraser she was never alone
She was with them for only one very short night
Her passing was painless, she'd just no strength to fight
Though at five months her life had barely begun.
She has a special place in the hearts of everyone x.

Harry and Avril took you along to PAWS R.I.P. Where you were treated with such dignity and we had you back with us at the kennels on Friday 26th Nov..Our thanks to Brenda Billy Dave and Anne.
You can rest in peace wee one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here are some pics taken of Kara in her final days with us:

Fraser & Kara, At home with Cammy, happytimes, playtimes, Kara & Kaiser

Kara  Kara
Kara  Kara
Kara  Kara
Kara  Kara
Stig ( Our boy) >>
Posted: 26th October 2010

Sir Stig, Pent House Suite, Room 101, Second Chance Kennels,Balbeggie Avenue,Thornton


Stig who was our resident for over five years at the kennels, has sadly gone to Rainbow Bridge. We can’t begin to tell you how heartbroken and devastated we all are. He was such a big part of life here at the kennels. Everyone who knew him, knew all about his wee ways and what a great loyal loving dog he was. He took ill on Saturday the 16th Oct: we took him to the vets where he stayed all weekend but never showed any sign of recovering. We knew in our heart of hearts that it was his time to go. When Frank Ena & Mhairi had said goodbye to him and came out of the vets to go back to the kennels, it wasn’t raining but there was a huge rainbow in the sky and we knew Stig was telling us that he was now at peace and free from pain.

Rest in peace wee man knowing how much you were loved and will be missed by everyone who knew you at Second Chance xxxxxxxxxx

Our sincere thanks to Brenda Billy and Dave from PAWS R.I.P who treated you with such dignity. You are now safely back at the kennels.

Stig ( Our boy)  Stig ( Our boy)
Fergie >>
Posted: 18th August 2010

This is wee Fergie she was adopted over 14 years ago, when we worked from home. Fergie was about 18 months old and her folks absolutely adored her.Her dad wrote Fergie Our Best Friend. Our beautiful dog.Miss you always xxx.Rest in peace lass xxxxxxx

Badger >>
Posted: 18th August 2010

This is Badger a Border collie who was adopted from here a few years ago sadly he was quite young when he passed over to the Bridge his mum just adored him and his big "sis" Keeva the German Shepherd girl in the photo who sadly passed away three weeks before Badger. So so sad . But they both had a great life with their mum while they were here.Sleep peacefully in the knowledge you were so loved x x

Cassie >>
Posted: 18th August 2010

This is Cassie she was adopted from us when she was eight weeks old.Her " mum " wrote the following.!

This was our wee girl Cassie. We adopted her from Second Chance when she was just a tiny ball of fur at seven weeks oldin January 2002.She has been a very affectionate and loving companion, she was " Our Baby "
Sadly she had lymphatic cancer and even after two big operations we had to put her to sleep, she was only 81/2 years old. She has left a big hole in our lives and we all miss her very much.
Love mum, dad and all the family xx.

Maisie >>
Posted: 5th July 2010

This wee lass was found wandering the streets when she was about 15 /16 years old, We took her in and she was given the lovely name Maisie by Irene our Oliver's mummy.What a sad wee soul she was, but then her Guardian Angel came along in the form of Brenda who totally fell in love with her and she had eight months of being pampered and loved.We are so very grateful to Brenda and family for giving this wee girl at least some months of knowing what love was.

Rest in peace now Maisie darling knowing how much you were loved at least in the last few months of your wee life xxx

Winston >>
Posted: 17th June 2010

Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was so blessed
Although it was only a few months
There is no pain, I suffer not,
Remember not my fight for breath.
Put now these things out of your thoughts,
In your memory I live on.
Please do not dwell upon my death,
But celebrate my life.
Love Winston xxxx

Linda we are all so very sad and sorry that Winston has gone to the Bridge, He was an old man when you took him in and sadly you did not have long with him but the time he had with you and your family was very special, he totally adored you, and followed you everywhere, I know you will miss him especially the click of his nails following you around the house.Just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts for giving him that special home, and can I say that on behalf of Dogs in Distress Ireland they would also like to send their condolences x x

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