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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This page is for all the dogs that have been through the doors of Second Chance Kennels and have sadly passed away.

We will put up photos and stories here as memories to the dogs that were loved so much by us and their owners.

Song: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Kelsie >>
Posted: 6th October 2012

Hi Ena,
Just a note to let you know that I had to let my beautiful Kelsie go this week. She's been a great friend and I miss her very much, but it was time for her, she was very frail and now she'a at peace.

Heather both Frank and myself were so so sorry to hear about Kelsie, she was Frank's best pal here. She was such a lovely lovley girl and I know you will be devastated at her loss. We are both thinking about you and thank thank you so much for the beautiful card with the pics of Kelsie xxx

RIP: You will be sorely missed xxxxx

Our Smokey 1991 - 7th June 2012 >>
Posted: 12th September 2012

Well it has taken me from June to add Smokey to Rainbow Bridge.As a kitten someone just went away and abandoned him,he arrive fro under the hut Spring of 1991, long before the kennels he was only a baby, a gorgeous silver tabby. We had Sula our Rottie, she was a sweetheart loved everything and everyone, so she didn't mind in the least that Smokey now resided with us. He was a super wee cat, before we had our own kennels we used to foster for the Pet Care Centre, so he got used to having dogs around. Then we fostered Tess and yes failed with her,couldn't part with her, then Kyra came along and stayed the Gem a puppy farm dog and then wee Jet and yes you guessed right they all stayed, and then there was Sandy the wee Yorkie and yes e stayed too then we found a ferret Lucky and he stayed, he and Smokey got on well together as did all the dogs except Tess she really only tolerated wee Smokey all these years.Lucky was Tess's best pal. Smokey you were a joy to have in our family,latterly you were incontinent and had started to go off your back legs and we probably kept you going longer than we should have,but you were still eating and drinking. I had to go into hospital on the 5th June and poor Frank had to take you to the vets on the 7th June. Poor man between me having a magor opon the 6th and then losing you wee man he was in a terrible state. At least you are now at peace and back in the bosom of the family, although we now only have Kyra nearly 17 and Jet over 14 !! Well Smokey wee man I like to think you enjoyed life with your adopted family and I miss you sitting cuddling up on my knee. we loved you so much Smokey and miss you every day. Good night God Bless Smokey xxx

Our Smokey 1991 - 7th June 2012  Our Smokey 1991 - 7th June 2012
Mac >>
Posted: 30th August 2012

Dear Ena & Frank, I am sorry to tell you that I lost MAC my lovely little Scottie, my friend and companion, who I got from you nearly 11 years ago. He was a feisty little man who chased the postman and nipped everyone's toes when I got him first, but after a lot of love and kindness he turned out to be the best friend anyone could have asked for. I could write a book about him and it would make comical reading.
Thanks again to you both for giving me and my family 11 years of love and companionship.
Regards Margaret Wylie and family.

Margaret we were so so sorry to hear about Mac, he was quite the little character, you came to the kennels and adopted him on the 4th April 2002 when he was 4 months old,I see from your letter he passed away 23July 2012, thank you for giving him such a wonderful home. I have added the pics you sent he's a wee darling xx.
Rest in Peace Mac you are so missed my your mum and family xx.

Mac  Mac
Mac  Mac
Mac  Mac
Madge >>
Posted: 15th August 2012

Just a quick note to say we had to put Culli (Originally Madge) to sleep tonight 6 years after we got her from Second Chance Kennels. She was an old lady and was determined not to let her condition hold her back, she was a wonderful companion and will be sorely missed.

Thank you and keep up the good work

Frankie & Jan Calder (Westhill Aberdeenshire)

Dear Frankie & Jan,

Thanks for letting us know about Culli ( Madge ) we were so very sorry to hear about her, and know you will both be devastated.
I have the pics of her sitting at the table I think it was her birthday bless. What a wonderful home she had with you and we thank you so very much,wish there were more homes out there like yours.
Thinking of you both
Warmest regards
Ena & Frank.

Meg >>
Posted: 27th July 2012

Stirling so so sorry to hear about your beloved girl. Meg was an absolute sweetheart xx

Thanks for your e-mail Ena, it means a lot she will be rememberd. and thanks for finding and giving me my best frend. Meg was happyist with something in her mouth a ball ,usually 2 balls or a stick then sitting with me and getting a good cuddle as long as i didnt touch her toys. she loved every one and everything, all though she did not have a litter she was a mother to all.

Meg  Meg
Jake >>
Posted: 8th May 2012

I got Jake from you 1996 when you worked from home. I remember leaving a message for you on a Friday afternoon asking if you had any Jack Russells, when I came home on the Saturday afternoon , there was a note through my door saying you had one on a farm in Aberdour looking for a home.He's been here ever since much preferring the company of rabbits and cats to other dogs. I did attempt your dog training classes in Kingseat many years ago but it was suggested that I don't come back as he was too much of a disruption! His health has been failing recently and today I had him put to sleep. It was a very sad day but he has been a fab pet for the last 16 years and will be sadly missed. Norman

Norman we are so so sorry to hear about Jake, but what a wonderful life he had with you, I love the one with the rabbit so cute. I keep forgetting how long we have been doing this.Recently though sadly a few have passed over to Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace Jake hope there's some rabbit's for you to cuddle up to. Love from Ena & Frank xx

Jake  Jake
Zues ( our Colorado boy ) >>
Posted: 2nd May 2012

Zeus is gone. He died in my daughter Cameron's arms a few minutes before I got home. I asked him not to make me take him to the vet today and he followed through.
He was 2 months to the day from his 12 th birthday. I'm just empty right now. He is my big boy. Thank you for the priveledge of trusting me with him all those years ago.
Susan and kids x

Susan we are all so desperately sorry to hear about your lovely big lad, he was one of the biggest most gentle dogs we ever had the priveledge to know. Frank and myself are so grateful he had such a wonderful loving caring home with you all, over in Colorado Spring.I remember you telling us about him chasing the bear away from your property and going down the creek to see the Elk.
We also remember coming to see him just before he went away he was at the bottom of your garden,we shouted on him and he just used to launch himself at us always a great welcome we got from him. Susan thank you and your family so very much for giving him such a wonderful life. Rest in Peace Zues maybe you'll get to chase a bear or two at Rainbow Bridge xxxx

Zues ( our Colorado boy )  Zues ( our Colorado boy )
Zues ( our Colorado boy )   
Tess (Pal of Sam & Jack ) >>
Posted: 29th April 2012

Frank/ Ena

Just a short note to let you know that Tess passed away today Sun 29th April. Since she went on her medicine she had been full of energy and life but as we expected she suddenly couldn't go on any longer.
We have nothing but great memories of a lovely girl and thankfully the company of Sam and Jack
Kind Regards

Oh Jim we are so sorry to hear this sad news, but what a wonderful life she had with you and your family, I know she was " your " special " girl, and was so much loved.

Sleep well Tess you will be sorely missed.

Love Ena & Frank xx

Tess (Pal of Sam & Jack )
Biff >>
Posted: 29th April 2012



It was with great sadness we learned, " our " Biff has gone to the Bridge. He survived his pal Tess by about five months.Biff had a wonderful home with Heather / Mark and the kids who all adored him. This was the wee lad we picked up at the vets all these years ago when he was about six and had been taken in to be PTS as he wasn't good with children !!!! What absolute rubbish he loved the three boys in his family and was very gentle with them they are heartbroken now that he is no longer with them.Thank you all so much for giving Biff the most wonderful home.
RIP. Biff Hope Tess was waiting for you. love Ena & Frank xxxxx

Mikey >>
Posted: 29th April 2012

I called Mark out of the blue yesterday one to see how wee Mikey was doing and two about another matter. This was when I found out he had just been rushed to the vets. We hoped and prayed he would make a good recovery but it was not to be. So sending our heartfelt condolences to Mark and Brittany we are so so sorry. Rest in peace Mikey you had a wonderful life and were absolutely adored by Mark & Brittanny and all your family xxx

Hello Ena and staff. You will know already that Mikey passed away yesterday following a terrible accident at our home.He was tough enough to make it to the Vets surgery, but his injuries were so severe, he passed on a few hours later despite everyone's best efforts. Little Brittany is devastated, \"Mikey\" and she were so close, and they spent every spare moment together.In closing, Mikey had a wonderful life with us and when we brought him home from the Vets, we have buried him under his favourite copse of trees in the garden where he loved to lie in the sun. We both miss him so very much, we are just heart-broken. We just wanted to thank you all for allowing us the absolute privelage of having him in our home for 5 and a half of the happiest years of our life. With all our love to you all and to all the \"doggies\" looking for a new home. Mark & Brittany Watson. XX.

Willow >>
Posted: 17th April 2012

Hi Ena
Just to let you know that Willow has gone to Rainbow Bridge on 30th March. This is a photo of Willow, Yasmin and Keaton just before going to the vets. Yasmin felt that it was the right time to let her go. Very sad but the right thing for Willow.
Sylvia x

Sylvia thanks for letting me know, from a wee dog that was found wandering the City bypass in Edinburgh she went on to have such a wonderful life with your Aunt & Uncle. We are so so grateful to them for giving her so many happy years.
Rest easy Willow you were so well loved xxx.

Teddy >>
Posted: 3rd April 2012

We are all very sad to let you know that Teddy, who we adopted from the
Petcare Centre next to Second Chance, having seen him on your website, sadly
left us on Sunday 25th March. He was a happy healthy wee man until the week
before when he suddenly collapsed but recovered. Alas his recovery was
short lived and we had to take him to the vet when it was apparent that he
couldn't manage any longer. His 5 pals, Reggie, Daisy. Iggy(Second
Chancers), Kizzie and Mouse miss him. Teddy was 16 years old, was a great
character and gave them all a run for their money when there was a ball to

Marjorie so so sorry to hear about Teddy, he was a real character, and so loved by everyone, he had a brilliant life with you all, couldn't have wished for a better home for him. R.I.P. Teddy you will be sadly missed xxx

Thor handsome Rottweiler >>
Posted: 15th February 2012

It was with great sadness we received a phone call from Margaret and Dave, to tell us their beloved big lad Thor, who was a Rottweiler, had passed over to the Bridge on the 11th January, they are devastated. Thor was found wandering on they A92 back in December 2005. He was adopted by Margaret & Dave on the 20th April 2006 He never looked back, and although they had a lot of problems with Thor with traffic to start with,they never gave up on him and he had a wonderful home in the country, he was such a big gentle boy.We used to try and visit him at least once a year and he never ever forgot us.What a nature he had and he was adored by his folks.Just last year they moved back down to England but still kept in touch, we appreciated this.
Rest Easy Thor you were so loved and will be so sadly missed by your family and us here at Second Chance. Roy Bridge will never be the same. xxxxxxxxx

A few pics of Margaret and Dave / Thor and one with Frank on a visit xx

Thor handsome Rottweiler  Thor handsome Rottweiler
Thor handsome Rottweiler  Thor handsome Rottweiler
Thor handsome Rottweiler  Thor handsome Rottweiler
Thor handsome Rottweiler  Thor handsome Rottweiler
Zeus >>
Posted: 30th January 2012

We were all so shocked and sorry to hear about Zues, he was so young handsome and such a character a big soft lad and a credit to you. It's so so hard to have to part with one you love so much. He had such a wonderful home with you guys. We couldn't have wished for a better home for him.
Sleep peacefully Zues you were so much loved here with your family. Have fun with all the other Second Chance dogs you are sure to meet. Lots of love from your family and all of us here at Second Chance xx.

Hi Ena,
Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like the painting of our beloved Zeus. As you know he died on 11/5/11, it is still as raw today as it was then, and our lives have changed forever. He was so special to us, he was a big part of our lives, he was with us all day every day and we wouldn't have had it any other way. If we went out Zeus came too. He loved the car and was so quiet, you forgot he was there until he popped his head up. When we went to the beach he would paddle instead of swim (which was funny to watch) and if you threw a stone into the water for him, he would look at you as if to say 'that is too far for me to get wet'. He had such a wonderful character. Zeus is a big miss to us, and to this day we can't believe he has gone because it all happened so quick.
We would like to thank you for finding Zeus for us and wish you and Second Chance Kennels all the best for the future. You are all doing a wonderful job.

Regards,Linda, David, Arlene & David

Sky >>
Posted: 21st January 2012

Hi Ena
I would like nothing more than for Sky to be put on the rainbow wall .I have attached 2 pictures 1 which was taken last year with Sky and myself and also another which was taken beginning of the week with Sky and my new grandaughter.
I would like to thank you so much. My husband and kids got a puppy from you on the 29.3.1998 she was a cross lab/collie which at the time they got her for me for mothers day.Sky`s id number was 805. I have had the best ever 14 years with Sky. I could not have asked for a better dog she was loved so much but sadly I had to let her go today after many trips to the vet this week as she was losing her balance and was falling all over the place It's the hardest decision that I have ever had to make in my life. It was the right thing to let her go before she started to suffer. It's so heartbreaking not only was she my dog and pet but she was my best friend and always had a smile for visitors.I would just like to thank the Second Chance Kennels for my time with Sky.
Thankyou so much.


Tracey thank you so much for letting us know about Sky, she was one of the puppies we rehomed when we worked from home. It's so good to know she has had such a brilliant home.We are so sorry that she has passed on to Rainbow Bridge

Rest in Peace Sky you have been such a well loved wee girl and your family all miss you so very much xxx

Sky  Sky
Amber >>
Posted: 16th January 2012

Amber's Life .

We adopted Amber from Second Chance when she was just a year old, when she first came to us she wouldn't go in her bed, she obviously had never had a bed of her own before and it took her two months to use it. She loved going for walks with her " dad " she never strayed far from him. When we went on holiday or away for the day our friend would come and stay with her and look after her she loved him and vice versa.
When Amber was 7 yrs old we got another wee dog a tiny Poodle Molly, Amber was great with the puppy, and helped house train her, we think Molly thought Amber was her mum.
Amber was a great dog to us, more than I can say.Sadly Amber became ill about 4 months ago and we had to let her go as she was in a lot of pain, she was 15 1/2. My friend and I took her to Inglis Vets who were very kind they let us have time to say goodbye, we had her cremated and she is now back home with her family. Amber was more than a dog to us more than words can say we loved her dearly.We would like to thank Mr Davidson from Inglis vets for all he did to help Amber. And our thanks also to Second Chance Kennels who gave us the chance to be her family, we had her for 15 yrs she was more than a dog to us, she was our baby we miss her sooooooooooo much so does wee Molly she keeps looking for her. Amber used to love sitting in the sun / going for long walks / out in the car playing with us and watching TV

Sleep well Amber you were a much loved girl.
Lots of love mum / dad / Molly and all here at Second Chance Kennels xxxx

Amber  Amber
Tess >>
Posted: 9th November 2011

All at second chance kennels.
As my wife phoned on 3/11/11 to let you know, unfortunately we had to let our beloved Tess go on Wednesday night after discovering that she had developed a large lump on her side.
The vet unfortunately didn't think there was anything she could do to improve her quality of life.
I know that Tess didn't originally come from yourselves but what you didn't realise is that we only had Tess because when we were looking for a wee pup it was yourselves that pointed us in her direction.
After 14 yrs 6mnths I can safely say that this has left a huge hole in the whole families lives.
What sticks in our mind is how she was most definitely the best possible baby monitor any mother could ask for (she would sleep at the foot of the cot of all 3 children then if they woke during the night would jump up on the bed and lick your face relentlessly until you got up to see to them.
Would greet me with her whole body wagging no matter what time day or night that I would arrive home from work.
She was to myself and my wife the daughter that we never had. Will miss her dearly
We all will miss our jaunts down to the beach where her and Biff would love playing in the water or on the sand playing fetch or just plain running daft til they just couldn't run no more.
Will be sadly and devotedly missed by
Mark,Heather,Connor,Cameron,Cullan and lastly but by no means least Biff

Heather Mark & the boys we were so so sorry to hear about Tess, we knew just how much she meant to you all and of course Biff ( our boy ) will miss his pal. She couldn't have asked to be part of a better family x

Rest in Peace, Tess you are so missed by all your family and we will miss you when your folks visit with Biff and you won't be there. Love from us all xxx

Sammy >>
Posted: 13th October 2011

This wee lad left us very suddenly for Rainbow Bridge on Monday 3rd October. Very sad day for us here at Second Chance he was such a lovable character, who was found tied up at the side of a road, luckily Shaun one of our volunteers was passing and saw him, so ofcourse stopped and brought him here. We had no history on Sammy but found out as we got to know this lad, that he had some issues unfortunately, which made it that wee bit more difficult to find the right home for him.We were quite prepared to keep him here, but sadly Sammy had a turn when out for a walk with his beloved Auntie Janette and passed away,nothing could be done for him. Everyone was devastated especially poor Janette who had a real soft spot for our boy.She took him out for the day the previous Friday and he had a lovely time with her and I will always be grateful he had that time. Hope you have fun at the Bridge Sammy where you will meet lots of Second Chance dogs. We miss you son rest in peace, knowing although you came to us an abandoned wee dog that you were loved here and we miss you. Love Ena / Frank / Janette and all at Second Chance xxx

Sammy  Sammy
Bryyn >>
Posted: 11th October 2011

Dear Ena and Frank
We lost Bryyn early hours on Saturday morning and as you will know we are heartbroken. Over the last 3 years Bryyn had a multitude of illnesses of which he was treated in hospital for it just seemed to be as one door opened another slammed closed. He was diagnosed with advanced Leukaemia on Wedensday, sadly this time he could not have treatment. He was not in pain and for that I'm truly grateful. He was in my arms at home when he died, his heart just pegged out.
You brought eight years of the happiest time into my life Ena and would like to thank you for giving me and the family the pleasure of Bryyn being with us .He has made us all better people but it's left a huge void in our life.
Bye my big boy

some pics for you xx
Kind regards
Fiona and Mike


Fiona & Mike so so sorry to hear about your lovely big lad such a sweet gentle soul, I know how heart broken you both will be. I remember the day you came for him. We were so happy and will always be so grateful he found such a wonderful loving home with you both.

Rest in peace Bryyn you will be so missed by your family and we at Second Chance will never forget you x x

pic 1 was 8weeks ago, pic 2 & 3 was 2008 before Bryyns illness.

Bryyn  Bryyn
Patch >>
Posted: 15th September 2011

Just a wee email to let you know that sadly, we had to put Patch to sleep yesterday, he had been unwell for the last 2 months but was still strong and pulled through.
Unfortunately, his age and arthritis got the better of him and it wasn't fair to him any longer. He had a great life and was loved by the whole family from the minute he stepped into this house as a puppy.
He enriched all our lives and will be sorely missed! I would just like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt a wonderful dog such as Patch. He was the most gentle and loving dog and we were truly blessed to have him as a member of our family.

I have enclosed two pics of patch in happier times one as a puppy and one in a caravan on holiday.

With love from Linda and Rocky xxx

Oh Linda, I am so so sorry. I still remember the day your folks came for him, they adopted him from my home so he must have been a good age maybe even about 15yrs. We also had him back at the kennels for a visit a few years ago he was as you say a very gentle dog.Love the photo's, who couldn't have loved him. He also knew how very much he was loved he was so content and happy.

Rest in Peace Patch.

Love from all your family & Rocky another Second Chance wee lad and of course all of us here at Second Chance xxx

Patch  Patch
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