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Well this wee lass joined us this morning, her story is her family are moving and she can't go with ...

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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This page is for all the dogs that have been through the doors of Second Chance Kennels and have sadly passed away.

We will put up photos and stories here as memories to the dogs that were loved so much by us and their owners.

Song: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

The lovely Megan x >>
Posted: 15th November 2013

Hi Ena thank u for giving Stuart and me the best 6 years of our lives with Megan she was our big baby we loved her with all our hearts and she was so close to Buster he is missing her so much and misses his ears being washed every morning I think god sent us an angel when we got our Megan she will be so sadly missed thanx again Ena for allowing us to spoil her.x
Alex and Stuart we were so so very sorry to hear about your beloved Megan.but so very grateful she found such a wonderful home with you both, and then you adopted Buster who she totally loved and he her. Please accept our sincere condolences our thoughts are with you both and wee Buster. Megan not long after you adopted her and the one you sent with Megan & Buster best buddies.x Take care. Ena & Frank xx

The lovely Megan x  The lovely Megan x
Foley & Eddie >>
Posted: 15th October 2013

Hi Ena, finally I'm writing about my boys....
Eddie..hehe what a boy!! I fostered him from you in the January of 2005, he was called biscuit then!! we had the pleasure of 'fostering' him for over eight years ( I knew he would always be with me). He was a great boy, doing everything at 100 miles an hour....including his agility, which usually left the course looking as though a tornado had hit it!!! in June 2009 he had his first sezuire and how I hoped, that like Oscar, it would just need a little medication and all would be well......sadly that was not the case and after almost 4 years of 'managing' his epilepsy, we had to make the heart breaking realisation that he no longer had the same quality of life and we could no longer allow him to suffer. We said goodbye on Friday 22nd March 2013. You visited us the following weekend, with a beautiful canvas of our boy, which I have hung in the doggy sitting room and we have a lovely picture of him in the hall, so he, as before, is always first to greet me when I get home.
If this was not painful enough, only 3 months later we lost Foley very suddenly on 16th June. Although he was not a second chance boy, he always liked to visit you for his slice of always said when you thought of how a border collie should look, you thought of him.
I have attached some photos of the boys as I like to remember them....and one of the resting place they now share together.
Thank you soooo much for allowing us to have Eddie, know that he was loved dearly and is missed so very much
Lindsay, Gary, Oscar, Kooper, Blaze, Finn.....and the new addition Pace xxx

Hi Lindsay I know how hard this has been for you to do, but thank you. Eddie (your Foster Boy) had such a wonderful life with you, I knew he would never come back for rehoming but we did see him lots whether it was back at the kennels or at agility. Foley was such a lovely lad so gentle and yes your right when I think of a Border Collie I always think they should look like your very handsome Foley xx.

Ps: Have added the photo of Eddie with Finn but thankfully "our boy " Finn is still very much with you all. xx

Foley & Eddie  Foley & Eddie
Foley & Eddie  Foley & Eddie
Foley & Eddie  Foley & Eddie
Tess >>
Posted: 4th October 2013

Hi Ena and Frank,
Just wanted to tell you Tess was helped on her way to Rainbow Bridge last week. She had become so confused and medication no longer really helped. We all miss her greatly. I've attached two photos, one on Gullane Beach-one of her favourite haunts and the other because she's giving me her wee smile. When we got her from you Frank said he hoped we had a good hoover, well one Dyson,a Miele Cat and Dog and a Vax failed to conquer the white clouds of fluff!
Thanks for letting us have Tess, end of an era in the Taylor family.


Elaine we were so so sorry to hear about Tess, but what a wonderful home she had with you guys. I remember when you " adopted " her we had been told she was 12 years old then !!! Thank you all for giving her the love and care and making her life so special xx

Tess  Tess
Casey >>
Posted: 26th September 2013

This wee girl Casey an 8 year old Border Collie was brought in for adoption with her wee sis Jess on Friday 13 Sept, she was obviously, not great when Yvonne came to do the " Tuck in " that night so Frank took her down to the vets on the Saturday morning, and although Inglis the Vets in Dunfermline did all they could it was very obvious poor Casey had serious health problems. Turned out she had a huge tumour in her bladder poor wee soul and she was so so lovely, but we hadto let her go to Rainbow Bridge on Thursday 19th September, Sarah went to be with her and gave her the last sausage !! so she is at peace and free from pain now.

We arranged for I Care Pet Crematorium to collect her, from the vets and she is now back safe with us at Second Chance.

I would like to thank Alex from I Care for being so kind and thoughtful, we also received a card from them and inside is a wee sachet of Forget Me Not seeds.Very very thoughtful and caring, would certainly use them again, but hopefully it won't be for a long time.

R.I.P. Csey we didn't know you well but what we knew we loved. From all at Second Chance Kennels xx

Casey  Casey
Wee Monty >>
Posted: 15th September 2013

Hi Ena
I called you on Tuesday asking you to pass on to Phyllis that I had to get Monty my dear dear baby put to sleep on Monday. As you can imagine this is just awful and I am really struggling very hard to cope at not having him here after 11 years of sheer happiness. mind. My home is so quiet and lonely and does not have the usual hustle and bustle about it and I can't get used to it.
Hi we were so so sorry to hear about wee Monty, but know he had such a brilliant home with you both. It's hard at the moment but given time you will be able to think about all the wonderful times you had with him, and treasure the memories. RIP wee one xxx
You have left such a big void Monty, like all our beloved dogs do when they go to Rainbow Bridge. xxx

Wee Monty  Wee Monty
Wee Monty  Wee Monty
Wilson >>
Posted: 27th August 2013

Dear Ena

I can't believe I'm having to do this; Wilson's condition deteriorated very rapidly after we were last in contact and no amount of medication was going to help so after keeping him as comfortable as we could we had to be led by how he was doing and we had to take him to the vet for the last time on Wednesday. To say we're distraught is an understatement, we really loved that little dog, he just became a part of our family from day 1. We all feel robbed and don't understand why we only got to have him for such a little while, who could have known not even 18 months? Even through all the vet visits and when he went to sleep he was so well behaved, so gentle, everyone said it had been a pleasure to look after him. We can honestly say that apart from one mad dash around a caravan site at 7am chasing rabbits he never put a paw wrong. We've got fantastic memories, photos, videos but we just want our Wilson home with us but we know he's gone, it'll take ages to get used to him not being here. I'm going to finish now because I've started crying again.
So, thank you so much for letting Wilson come to our home, we'll be able to laugh again when we remember all the things he did but for the moment it's still a bit too raw.
I've attached a couple of photos and even a painting a friend did for us.
Wishing you all the best for yourselves and all the homeless hounds; hope they all bring as much joy to their new families as Wilson did to us.
Barbara, Douglas, Fraser, Murray, and Gavin x
We were so so very sorry to hear about wee Wilson, he was such a character, you had him for such a short time you must all be feeling cheated out of the life you could hsve had with him had he not taken so ill.We will always remember when we brought him over to you, and he saw stairs for the first time, he went up one then two and before we knew it he was upstairs.
Please accept our heartfelt condolences and know we are thinking of you all.
Rest in Peace wee man you were so loved while you were with your family xxx.

Wilson  Wilson
Wilson  Wilson
Wilson  Wilson
Kira >>
Posted: 24th August 2013

Kira sadly passed over to Rainbow Bridge in March this year, we took Kira home 13 years ago and came back regularly to visit. She was a very old lady and began to lose control of her toilet towards the end after a number of visits to the vet ,we sat down as a family and decided to make the devastating decision to let her go. It was the most upsetting thing we have had to do everyone still can't get over her. She had such a loving nature and wouldn't hurt a fly even tho her bark scared everyone she was a gentle giant. Kira is sadly missed by us all especially our little Collie/Rottweiler Tasha.
So sorry to hear about Kira, she was such a lovely girl, and you all gave her such a wonderful home, I know she will be sorely missed by all her family including Tasha. As time goes by you will be able to smile and remember all the treasured memories you have of her.
RIP Kira xxx

Kira  Kira
Max ( was our boy as a puppy ) >>
Posted: 21st August 2013


Hello Ena,

Oh how I remember that day when I left for my first home on a sunny June day 12 years ago. It was June the 6th and I was bundled into a strange car wrapped in my comfort blanket that you so lovingly cut out for me so that I wouldn't be so afraid and have some familiar smells. But I really had nothing to be frightened of. You see my two new mummys, Liz and Anna, were the best. I also had a daddy, his name was John and stayed just a few streets away.

'Oh no, not again!'.

Yes, I had chewed my way through the three piece suite! I also demolished 2 matresses, phone cables and a carpet in my puppy days! Mum would come in, see all the fluff lying around, and 'Max, was this you?'. Tail between my legs and looking sheepish...again! But they would never shout at me, one look at my big remorseful eyes and it was hugs and kisses; in between trying to repair the damaged furniture! I clearly liked ripping things up, so I got an endless stream of teddies that I could destroy till my hearts content. Every time my mums went out I'd be sure to look for a teddy in amongst all those bags when they arrived home.Walks! I loved to walk and run, and fetch bottles. I would often fetch sticks that were bigger than me almost making me topple over! Silver burn was my favourite spot, so was cotlands park, and lower largo, can't forget lower largo; rabbits in abundance. However, despite having a bit of a lurcher or whippet in me, I never caught a rabbit. They would run in one direction and I in the other. My mums said I was 'irish', whatever that meant. I did however catch a squirrel one day, mid way up a tree, I jamp with all my might. Then came the shrieks. 'MAX, NO.' I reluctantly let go and it scurried up the tree.

In summer before the harvest I loved to jump in the long fields, galloping like a kangaroo above the long grass. It was great, so exhilirating, especially when my mums joined in on the frollicing fun jumping through the grass with me. Now birds, don't get me started on them. You just had to say the word 'bird' and I was barking my head off running to the back door to try my luck. I seem all bravado here, don't I? Truth is, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat! Pardon the pun, no offence intended to other dogs. You see, if you said the word 'flea', 'spider', or if I heard bagpipes, or fireworks, I'd turn into a quivering wreck and try with all my might to hide behind my mums. However, postie games redeemed this... kinda. I would bark my loud alsation bark and the postie would quickly edge letters through the letterbox. The joke was on me though when he saw me for the first time and his response was 'is that it?!'. I still barkedWell all this excitement has got me tired. My mums would treat me to liver, I loved liver...LOVED. After my belly was full I'd jump up on the couch where my mums would budge up to give me a seat. I owned the couch! I also owned the bed, snuggling up under the covers behind my mum's legs. Soooo cosy. I was always mindful of the cats though. You don't want to disturb a sleeping cat!So this was my life, filled with love, long walks, tearing teddies, barking at birds, and fighting with the household cats. Play fighting of course, the cats were boss and I knew it!. An endless stream of happiness for 12 years. So what about the end? I was put to sleep in my own house with all my family surrounding me. There was nothing more they could do to help and I was in so much pain that I know they helped me go to sleep out of pure love. I was meant to walk my mum, Anna, down the aisle on her wedding just days after I got put to sleep. I still managed to get a picture taken though with Anna holding my collar, that means a lot.

Gone but not forgotten is certainly true where my family are concerned. I have a shrine dedicated to me, pictures, angels, flowers, my ashes taking pride of place in a dark oak casket, I even have a trophy with my name on it. I definately was top dog in their lives.

You see when you think about it, lifes rather simple...all you need is love. I cried with them, laughed with them, ran with them, cuddled them, kissed them. It was based on unconditional love. That's what I had to offer and that's what they freely and fully embraced. Me, just me, a dog named Max.

Well Max you obviously were a very well loved boy, I couldn't read this when your folks came to tell me you had " Gone to the Bridge " I have just sat and read it while putting you on here, tears rolling down my cheeks, R.I.P Max in the knowledge you were so well loved xxx.

Max ( was our boy as a puppy )  Max ( was our boy as a puppy )
Max ( was our boy as a puppy )  Max ( was our boy as a puppy )
Max ( was our boy as a puppy )  Max ( was our boy as a puppy )
Spencer >>
Posted: 14th August 2013

Ena and Frank
We had to say a very sad farewell to our beloved Spencer on Monday after
12 very special years. We are obviously heartbroken and our lives feel
empty without him although Sophie is helping to get us through. Poor
Sophie misses her 'big brother' terribly and is very quiet so is
visiting Granny's golden labrador Molly (also one of yours) when we're out.
I don't know if you remember him when he first arrived in a litter
of pups who were found in a box in Townhill Woods. I am so glad he
picked me to be his mum as he has brought us so much joy over the years.
Everyone who met him adored him as he was a true gentle giant and very
vocal. Ricky and I have three children now and both dogs have been
fantastic with each new addition especially Sophie who has shown her
motherly instincts to each of them.
We just wanted to say a massive thank you for letting Spencer be
part of our family and you never know we may be in to see you in the future.
Jacqui and Ricky
Frank and myself were very saddend to hear of Spencers passing, he was such a lovely big lad, I remember you all well, poor Sophie will be missing her brother very sad.,But he had such a wonderful life witjh you all and for that we will always be very grateful xx

Spencer  Spencer
Jet >>
Posted: 22nd April 2013

Anther very sad day came on the 12th April when we had to say goodbye to Jet our lovely wee girl at the age of 15, just a month after losing Kiera. Devatated was not the word !! We were told two years ago to the month that she could go any day as she had a bad heart ect: but with pills and lattery injections she managed another two years, which along with her big sis we treasured the time we had with them both. Jet arrived at the house before we had the kennels and when I went to pick her up she hid under the sideboard I said to her owner you'll need to put her on a lead and he said " she's a free spirit " Anyway I eventually arrived home with her and it was a Sunday and it took till the Monday afternoon and half a cooked chicken before she decided I was probably okay, but it took Frank six weeks of her rushing barking at him everytime he tried to come in the door. However that all passed and she became his best pal, once we had opened the kennels she used to go over the fields with Frank when he walked the kennel dogs, and lie and wait for him while he took some back and brought more out for a walk I've seen her doing this about 4 times. People used to say there's a wee black dog lying in the field !! We have a pampas grass in the garden quite a large one and she used to go right into the middle of it and have a snooze, she loved it. As we did her. Hope Kiera / Sandy / Tess / Gem & Sula were all waiting for you darling. You can rest easy now no more wondering what pills we had put in your food.So Many stories and so many treasured memories of you all .Miss you loads, Lots of love Mum & Dad xx.

Jet  Jet
Our beloved Kiera x >>
Posted: 24th March 2013

It is with very heavy hearts that we find ourselves putting another one of our family on Rainbow Bridge. Our lovely Kiera who was a Husky / Akita mix has sadly gone after being part of the family for 17 years and one month.We used to help out at the Pet Care Centre before we had Second Chance Kennels. Whilst there this wee stray came in with the dog warden only about 4 months old,she was never claimed by her owners, but it was their loss Phllyis used to say either you adopt her or George my husband will. So home she came with us and slotted in perfectly with Sula, Tess and Smokey the cat. Kiera has been a brilliant companion, her only problem was she ran away if off the lead. I remember one day ( well two ) first one was she ran away and Frank and Ronnie our son were up the woods with the dogs, all they could here was her barking deep in the woods, she had found an exhausted wee fox cub, bless her she stayed with it till they came. Then he was taken away to be looked after for about six weeks then released back into the woods he came from. Next we had by this time adopted a black Shepherd girl Gem and Kiera took off and Gem followed her took us ages to get them back that day but we did, and she was on a harness and lead for the rest of her life ! apart from being over the secure fields here at the kennels.Where she claimed the couch or the chair bless her. This just went to make her the dog we all adored and miss so very very much, especially her dad Frank she was always “ his girl “. Rest in peace Kiera you can now run free to your hearts content, miss you so so much Mum / dad / Jet and wee Alfie ( who tried his best to be your pal ) all the family xxx

Our beloved Kiera x  Our beloved Kiera x
Yogi 2 >>
Posted: 27th February 2013

Hi Ena, I noticed that you have changed E-mail address and was not sure if you recieved the message we sent you about Yogi. It was in November. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful big boy. I don't know if you can retrieve any old messages and pictures but it was just so you could also let Phylis know. Yogi was a very special boy and he touched people in a way that nothing else could. Phylis also knew this. He has had an impact on so many peoples lives and everyone who met him felt his strength and encouragement. I have never come across another dog like him and doubt if I ever will. We feel priviliged to have been in his life and owe that to you for trusting us with him.

We miss him so much.
Fiona & Graham xxx

Hi Fiona & Graham, so sorry I didn't get this sooner mfor you, he was such a special big lad and we were so so sorry to hear your news.

Sleep easy big lad you were so well loved Ena / Frank /Phyllis xxx

Yogi 2  Yogi 2
Yogi 2  Yogi 2
Yogi 2  Yogi 2
Yogi 2  Yogi 2
Yogi 2  Yogi 2
Sweetpea >>
Posted: 24th February 2013

This wee lass was adopted as a puppy when we worked from home (pre kennels) sadly she passed over to Rainbow Bridge in January of this year aged 15 years. (This was my name for her as a puppy.)


Rest in peace lass you were a very special wee girl. xx

Benji >>
Posted: 23rd February 2013

Sadly Benji went to Rainbow Bridge last year, he was adopted from here over 11 years ago and had a wonderful life, for that we are very grateful.. His folks now think it's time to give another one of our dogs a home and have taken wee Pudsey home. You would have liked him Benji.


Rest in peace wee man knowing how much you were loved xx

Benji  Benji
Rollo >>
Posted: 3rd January 2013

Hi Ena/Fank
Here is a photo off Rollo in his buggy , got Rollo september 2001 (9 months old ) great dog he loved all .
sadly in January 2012 his back legs gave up , but he did not, so we did the same. But all came to a head and sadly we had too put Rollo to sleep on Sunday 30th December 2012
as you can see he did very well and so much so we had too get new tyres for his buggy ,a well used buggy ! and a well loved dog we will all miss him .
so folks Rollo got more than one chance , just a wee bit off love to your dog and he will pay you back !
thanks to Second Chance Kennels , wee had a lot off fun with Rollo

many thanks Alan Dingwall
Allan thank you so much for the pic of Rollo, sorry it's at such a sad time, and thank you for giving him such a wonderful life, he looks quite happy with his new back legs, we were so sorry to hear about his passing to Rainbow Bridge but he knows he was so well loved. R.I.P Rollo from all at Second Chance xx.

Piper sad news today 1st Jan. >>
Posted: 1st January 2013

Dear Ena and Frank.
Today is a very sad day for us. Wee Piper has passed away. I think Stewart told you he had not been well for the last year and was attending the vet. He lost a lot of weight and had protein in his urine. He went for a walk on Saturday with us in his wee tartan coat but took some kind of turn early hours of Sunday morning. He could hardly manage his own weight. He slept most of Sunday and I lay down beside him till the early hours of Monday and Stewart took him to bed with him for the remainder of the night. We both hoped he would pass away in his sleep but it wasn't to be. We rang the vet and Stewart took him in. I knew in my heart that I would need to say goodbye. The vet put him to sleep held by Stewart. Stewart has brought him and home and we have burried him in our field. My sister-in-law and her husband bought a pear tree which we have planted to mark his grave. The wee bold piper used to go down the garden to our pear trees and pick a pear and bring it back and munch it. We called him piper the pear pincher. We will miss our wee trouper especially Stewart - piper followed him everywhere. We still have rocky and a rather large lurcher called Joey. I am still not sure how he came to be here. Thank you Ena for letting us have Piper he was a great wee chap and I still remember him jumping up on to Stewart's knee in your little room and eating the sausages. The house seems empty without him clicking about.Attached one of Piper on his own on the bed and the other with him relaxing on the sofa with his pal Rocky. Mind you it is worth mentioning that Piper was the boss. Even though we have the other two dogs we miss piper dreadfully. He was a wee fellow but a big part of our life.
Thanks again for our lovely wee trouper who will be sorely missed.
All the bes for 2013.
Debbie and Stewart so sad to hear about Piper, but after his bad start he had such a wonderful life with you,we couldn't have wished for a better home for him.
Rip. Wee man you were so well loved xxxx

Piper sad news today 1st Jan.  Piper sad news today 1st Jan.
Jake Lurcher >>
Posted: 30th December 2012

We bought Jake in November 2001 from yourselves, he was a bit of mischief at times he loved nicking socks or pants from the air dryer and run about with them, but a wonderful dog, loving but not one for cuddles unless he initiated due to the horrible start in his life. He was a gem with our son who was born in 2003 and they grew up together and had a special life together. Sadly recently he started to loose weight and blood tests suggested Lymphoma, chemo wasnt an option as he was too ill and the kindest thing to do was not let Jake suffer. He passed onto Rainbow Bridge last Friday the 23rd of November, its the hardest decision to make. Jake had a wonderful life with Paul, Aaron and I and will never be out our memories.
Jackie we were so so sorry to hear about Jake, but thank you for giving him such a wonderful loving home.And thank you for letting us know xx
R.I.P. Jake knowing how much you were loved by your family and friends xx

Jake Lurcher
Jet >>
Posted: 8th November 2012

Janet we were so sad to hear about Jet .x

We were so sad to lose Jet, she was such a special dog. She was very difficult at times and both myself and Iain had a fair few nips (not that she had many teeth left!) from her but it wasnt her fault that she had a bad start in life and had become very defensive. Most of the time she was an angel and she was so affectionate and loyal. She has left quite a gap in our hearts and life. Lovely pic of her on her favourite sheepskin.
I would be no good at writing something for rainbow bridge but have sent you a photo of her on her favourite sheepskin rug on her second favourite place to be, the sofa. Her favourite place being our bed underneath the duvet! If she ever disappeared off in the house that was where you would find her.

Janet you have done really well with your story about Jet, so I have just left it.

Thank you very much for giving her such a wonderful life Janet & Iain xx

Our Lovely Bess >>
Posted: 7th October 2012

Hello Ena, sad news about Bess i'm afraid. The vet sent her to sleep yesterday at home as she was deteriorating more and more, not eating and getting weaker and weaker. As you will understand we are shattered and will miss her so much. She was a wonderful wee dog for us.Thought you'd like to know.
We are just so glad that we had the opportunity to bring her to see you the other week. We took her to Paws RIP this morning and Anne was so helpful and compasssionate.
Hope all well at your end. Will hopefully catch up soon. Love Alison & Charlie Cuthbert.

Alison & Charlie Thank you so much for the photo's of your lovely girl, to think you were on holiday with her this year and just popped into a dog show being judged by Jan Fennel and she won best veteran, well she would be however many dogs were entered because that's what she was just the Best !! This is the one with the card on her collar.I think you have a few rosetes fror her. She was a very photogenic girl.

Alison & Charlie, We were so so sorry to hear about Bess,You must both be devastated. We can hardly credit it is nearly 15 years ago, when we worked from home., that you adopted her and I will also remember how she never seemed to forget me no matter if I hadn't seen her for a couple of years. One time I remember we were in Kinross in the High st, good job there was a wall behind as she jumped up to give me kisses.
I will always be grateful to you both for bringing her back that Saturday just two weeks ago for a visit, although she couldn't jump up I got a lovely wag of her tail. Everyone knows I don't "do" photographs but for Bess no probs this is the last time I saw her just about 10 days before she went to the Bridge I will never be able to thank you both enough for bringing her down that Saturday as I keep saying she was one special lady I feel so priveledged to have been part of her life xxxx

So pleased found your photo with Bess x

Rest in Peace Bess: You were loved so so much xxx

Our Lovely Bess  Our Lovely Bess
Our Lovely Bess  Our Lovely Bess
Our Lovely Bess  Our Lovely Bess
Our Lovely Bess   
Chloe >>
Posted: 7th October 2012

Well Frank and myself were passing a road end where our lovely wee Chloe went to stay, I wasn't there when you went to your new home Chloe but knew the lady who adopted you, of course you had a lot wrong with when you came into us, but we took you straight to the vets and you needed operated on.I rememeber saying after we got you home a couple of days then you were like a spring chicken at the kennels. However you were only out for two weeks when you took badly again and Rainbow Bridge was calling you.You were such a sweet sweet wee dog, if things had been different I would have kept you myself and saved your poor mum so much heartbreak xxx

Rest in peace Chloe we all loved you, you were a very special plucky wee lass xxxx

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