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Pepe xx

Good News for me as well I was also " Chosen " also hopefully go to my new home soon.My folks have ...

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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This page is for all the dogs that have been through the doors of Second Chance Kennels and have sadly passed away.

We will put up photos and stories here as memories to the dogs that were loved so much by us and their owners.

Song: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Blue xx >>
Posted: 9th January 2015

Hi Ena,
Sad to say Blue died this afternoon. He did so well over the last four years with his arthritic feet and his bad chest. Yet again a great Second Chance dog that I was fortunate to have for so long. Ben and Timmy are a bit lost this evening without him.
Linda so very sorry to hear about your beloved Blue,such a lovey boy, thank you so very much for giving him such a wonderful life. RIP You were so well loved Blue and will be sorely missed xxx

Blue xx
Mitzi >>
Posted: 30th November 2014

Hi Ena. Hope you are well. I just want to pass on that our beautiful wee Mitzi we got from you some years ago was sadly put to sleep today (sat) after a period of ill health.As sad as it is, we have been blessed with many years of love, loyalty and devotion from our beautiful wee dog. She was given a Second Chance, one, which if reflects the love & happiness we got received, was a happy outcome for her. Thank you so very much for our gift from you. Best wishes, Diane & Allan Fenning. X
Diane & Alan, So so very sorry to hear about your beloved Mitzi, she was a wee sweetheart and Frank and myself are so gratefull you and your were lass had such a wonderful life. She wanted for nothing and was like most of our dogs was shown love in abundance for that we thank you both. You will have so many treaured memories of her and time you will remember all the things she got up to, I remember something about Mitzi and a bridge !!!
RIP Mitzi run free at the Bridge, where there will be many Second Chamce doggies waiting to greet you xx

Laddie xx >>
Posted: 10th November 2014

Hi Ena here is the photo I promised of our beautiful boy laddie, he was a very loved boy by Kenny and me he was so intelligent , he could not talk but he could let us know what he wanted just by a look. He was Kennys best friend and where Kenny was you would find Laddie , Laddie has left pawmarks on the hearts of all our family and we miss him so very much Jean and Kenny xx

Jean thank you so very much for letting us know about your special boy, he was such a handsome big lad and I know he has left a big void in your lives.

RIP Laddie you will be sorely missed xx

Laddie xx
Nicky xx. >>
Posted: 8th October 2014

This wee lass Nikki was adopted on the 26/2/12 she was 12 years old.What a loving happy home she had with her mum dad and the boys. I remember being a bit concerned as she was older. I needn't have worried as she had the BEST home ever. Below is a story from her mum.

We were so very sorry to hear Nikki has gone to the bridge RiP wee one xx

Nicky - Jack Russell
You may remember I got Nicky from you at the end of February 2012. Sadly she had to be put down on Monday afternoon. I just felt I should let you know. She has been the best ever little dog and a most amazing companion. Although already old when I got her from you, she has brought a lot of joy to our family and was a brilliant first dog for my 2 boys, who both adored her.
I'm so very sad at losing her but pleased I was able to give her a nice home for her last years. She and I were together all the time and developed a rather special bond.
I will be looking to rescue another dog as some point, although I'm not ready for another dog straight away, but I will be keeping an eye on your website!!

Nicky xx.  Nicky xx.
Nicky xx.  Nicky xx.
Nicky xx.   
Our beloved Lily was ( Fern here ) xx >>
Posted: 28th August 2014

From Sue x
Lily came into our lives when we least expected her. We are so lucky to have had her for such a short time. She brought so much pleasure and love to everybody who met her and many tears have been shed by many for the tragic way in which she left us. We had a wake last night for Lily. Friends and their dogs came by and we remembered as many things as we could about her:
The way she jumped and did a circle when she saw us coming down the hall towards her.
The way she started with her head on the pillow of the bed and always ended up way under the duvet - don't know how she could breathe like that!
The way she chased the others on the beach - she loved the beach.
The way she tucked her head under my chin when I carried her.
The way she licked my nose.
The way she drank her goats milk in the morning.
The way she took her prawn crackers outside to the bench and ate them slowly.
The way she blossomed, trusted and forgave.
We miss her so much. This has been the most devastating thing that has happened to us and we can only hope to heal a little every day. I am surrounded by the most beautiful and loving dogs every day who lick away our tears and I am sure they understand that we are sad.
When we walk now Lily will always be where she loved to be , a little behind me and skipping from left to right. Her ashes will be spread at her favourite beach and when I leave this world and meet up with her again, I will never let her go. Lily we love you xxxxx
So this is where we part my friend,
And you'll run on around the bend.
Gone from sight, but not from mind,
New pleasures there I hope you find.
I'll go on, I'll find the strength,
Life measures quality, not it's length.
One long embrace before you leave
Share one last look before I grieve.
There are others, that much is true,
But they be they and they aren't you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
Will remember well all you've taught.
Your place I'll hold, you'll be so missed,
The fur we stroked, the nose we kissed.
And as you sleep in peaceful rest
Sweet Lily know we loved you best.
From Beth:
Lily was only with me for 3 and a half weeks but they were the best weeks of my life. Every night when I look at the empty space on my bed I start to cry and remember how Lily slept on her back all night. When the school bell rings at 3:25 all I could think about was 20 more minutes and I get to see my baby girl. Just so heart-breaking her life had to end like this.
Your always in my heart Lily and not a minute goes by where I don't wish you were in my arms.
RIP my sweetheart. Love you always xxxxxxx
From Ena xx
Sue and Beth & Joe, what a lovely tribute to your wee girl.Thank you so very much for loving her, I will never forget how kind you were and what a lovely caring loving home you gave her,until that fateful night !!Why is life so cruel sometimes !!!
Fern as she was when she came into the kennels was so very timid, she would lie in her bed, but if anyone looked at her, she used to jump behind it and lie so she couldn't be seen bless her.
With time patience and lots of love she started to trust me and then slowly Frank & Sarah. When I walked into the kennels in the morning she used to come out of her bed and was so pleased to see me she used to bark with excitement, and jump at the gate to get out. Me and wee Alfie spent so much time with this wee lass, she was always in the reception and yes she used to hide under the desk or bhind a chair if anyone she didn't know came in.There are no words to decribe how much I loved this wee lass. She came with her family on Monday afternoon to visit and when she came brought Lilly's with her, they have to be my favourite flower now and there is a video of her at the kennels when she finally came into her own and trusted. That is if I haven't worn it out. How I will always remember you x RIP wee lass you touched so so many lives while you were here and went to so many lovely places with your family. Love you Fern Lily xxx

Our beloved Lily was ( Fern here ) xx  Our beloved Lily was ( Fern here ) xx
Heidi R.I.P.xx >>
Posted: 25th August 2014

Hi Ena
Just wanted to thank you for letting us have such a wonderful wee dog. We got her from you over 12 years ago but sadly we had to let her go a few weeks ago.
She went down hill very quickly but we have great memories of this most wonderful, loyal, loving and best friend anyone could have.
She was always on the go and had that sixth sense of knowing when you were feeling down or Ill and would always be by your side with that silky wet nose nudging your hand until she go a smile from you....she always knew how to make you feel better.
She was such a kind dog to both our cats and wee pup who all miss her too.
We are so please that you choose us to look after her and can only thank you once again for 12 fun filled fantastic years with her.
Ann McGregor and all the family x
Anne we are so so very sorry to hear about Heidi, thanks for letting me know. Thanks for giving her such a wonderful home where she was obviously loved very much. xxx
Rest in peace Heidi there are lots of your pals who were here, who are waiting at the Bridge to greet you xx

Heidi R.I.P.xx  Heidi R.I.P.xx
Heidi R.I.P.xx   
Fudge ( was Pip here) xx >>
Posted: 23rd August 2014

Hello Ena,

I wanted to let you know that Fudge (or Pip as he was when we first met him at SecondChance) had to be put to sleep at the beginning of this week. It has been a very sad time for us, but it was for the best. He went down hill very fast over the last couple of weeks, and could hardly get up in the end. The vet thinks is was connected to his liver, although his arthritis was getting very bad and we knew it was only a matter of time. We miss him dearly, he was such a lovely boy.

Susie is still going strong, although she too is now troubled with arthritis, and Skye is as bouncy and loveable as ever. We are all going on holiday to Devon next month (although it will seem very strange without our lovely boy), but I will pop along and see you with Susie and Skye when we get back.
I am so sorry that we didn't manage to get along with Fudge, but a few weeks ago we would never have imagined that he wouldn't be coming with us to Devon!
I will always remember the first time we saw Fudge (Pip) at SecondChance, and how he chose us to be his new mum and dad.
I am so pleased that he did!

Love Debbie & Chic
Debbie & Chic,
So so sorry to hear about Fudge,I remember very well that Saturday you came to visit. We spent a lot of time out the front with " Pip " then when it was time for you to go, I came in and shut the gate " Pip " started scratching at the gate, I remember opening the gate up and shouting to you that you had forgotten someone, we laughed and you went away only to come back the next day for him, he was so happy to see you, and we will always be so grateful you gave Fudge such a wonderful loving caring home.
R.I.P. Fudge such a handome big lad, you were well loved and will be soerely missed. xx

Fudge ( was Pip here) xx  Fudge ( was Pip here) xx
Fudge ( was Pip here) xx  Fudge ( was Pip here) xx
Fudge ( was Pip here) xx  Fudge ( was Pip here) xx
Fudge ( was Pip here) xx  Fudge ( was Pip here) xx
Reggie xx >>
Posted: 19th August 2014

We are all so sad - Reggie left us on Saturday night. He had pneumonia but his lungs were clearing however he was refusing food and we thought we were getting him round to eating but just after he had a bite to eat and a cuddle on Saturday he passed away. It was all obviously too much for him.
Reggie was born at the kennels in January 2001 and went home with an older person who promised his teenage grandchildren would walk him however he was back at Second Chance when he was 18 months old severely overweight and trying to sleep in half a small travelling case (Labrador sized dog). That's when I first met him 12 years ago, having taken some bedding in for the dogs. He came home with me that day and the diet started.
When he first came home he had an aversion to grey haired men especially with sticks and teenage children (no need to say more about that) but he overcame this which was good since he had a fearsome set of teeth.
Reggie lost more than 20kg but was crying when he moved so he had his hips x-rayed and it was discovered that he had hip displaysia and terrible arthritis. Two hip operations later and he was running around with the best of them but he wasn't finished yet. He developed allergies and had to have tests which showed he was allergic to just about everything but especially house dust mites so the carpets were removed from the house and laminate flooring laid in their place which along with monthly injections and daily pills sorted him out and he became a happy, healthy dog.
The reason I'm writing all this is to say that had it not been for the insurance we had for our boy we would have struggled. His medication would have cost £300 per month then his operations, x-rays, consultations etc were about £4,000, it was so worth taking up the policy following the initial period supplied by Second Chance. Please get your pets insured folks, it's worth it.
Reggie was a wonderful dog and very much a Mummy's boy. We all miss him, human and canine alike and can't thank Ena and Frank for entrusting him to us.
Photo attached.

Hi Marjorie,
We were so so sorry to hear about Reggie, but so grateful he and you and your family found each other, all these years ago.
We know nothing we can say will help as no words could describe how your feeling right now. at this very sad time,but please know our thoughts are with you all.
What a lovely tribute to your boy, love this photo of him xx
Thinking of you all.
RI.P Reggie you will be sorely missed by your family canine and human xx
Ena and Frank x

Reggie xx
Jess xx >>
Posted: 16th August 2014

We took Jess home in March 2006 and shared 8 great years with her as part of our family. She was a brilliant dog in the house. Jess was enthusiastic about everything and great company. Slightly crazy out on walks as many dog owners in the area could tell you!
We were devastated when she collapsed last week. The vet found a large mass on her spleen and she died as it was being removed.
Thank you for letting us give her a home. She was a much loved member of the family and my best friend. We miss her so much.
Fiona x
Fiona we were so so sorry to hear about your lovely girl Jess, but so very grateful she had such a wonderful loving home with you and your family xx
R.I.P. Jess you will be sorely missed by all who knew you xx

Jess xx  Jess xx
Jess xx  Jess xx
R.I.P.Bumpy xx >>
Posted: 6th August 2014

Hello Ena, I spoke to you briefly at Bark in The Park and had Bumpy with me, I was astounded at your memory for eveyrone's names!
I am writing to let you know that I had to have him put to sleep yesterday as he went downhill very quickly over the weekend and was not able to stand/eat etc. He had been failing for a while and I think hos age finally caught up with him. I remember the day I saw him at Second Chance and it was the moment when he trotted over and chose me that sticks with me the most. He was a brilliant dog and saw me through some tough times.
13 years old when he passed. Always gentle and loyal and loved to bring you a present of a stone or leaf!
Regards Ronnie
Hi Ronnie,
I'm so sorry to hear about Bumpy I know he had such a wonderful life with you, such a handsome boy x
But so pleased I saw you both on Sunday thank you so much for bringing him along, never for a minute thinking that would be the last time we saw him xxx
Rip. Bumpy boy you were very special to your mum and everyone who knew you xxx

R.I.P.Bumpy xx  R.I.P.Bumpy xx
R.I.P.Bumpy xx  R.I.P.Bumpy xx
Sadie xx >>
Posted: 22nd May 2014

Dear Ena,

We met fifteen years ago in November, we had just moved into our wee house in Rosyth.and our son was 18 months old. I persuaded Ronnie to go for a look as I wanted a wee dog!! A Yorkshire terrier !! So we came into the Kennel and the second kennel on the left were two mongrel dogs aged five months a brother and a sister and they weren’t named, they had been abandoned at the side of the road. The male stayed in his bed but the female was jumping up and trying to get to us, I was hooked,

Sadie was the most gracious lady, who had an amazing smile that sometimes scared people because they thought she was snarling. Sadie didn’t like being on a lead and she didn’t like other dogs at all and as for cats she would chase them like a greyhound!!!!

Sadie only really loved us, we couldn’t leave her with anyone, she enjoyed her own company, and she never chewed or damaged anything from the day she came home.

Sadie never sat on the couch or came on the bed unless we were out. In her younger years she loved walking of her lead either at Deville forest or the beach which was her favourite. One year when I was pregnant with Lucy we went to Morecambe and stayed in a caravan we all went crabbing!!!

Sadie went through my pregnancy with Lucy and adored both the children and was very protective,

She enjoyed her holiday home at Hillend kennels where they had a soft spot, the only other people she tolerated.

Sadie loved her garden, and the last five years she didn’t go anywhere but the kennels or her garden.

Sadie was a special gracious loving dog. She was a pleasure to have and enjoyed her life and loved her family.

Last year in June randomly suffered a night where she was going out to the garden and running around in distress she also had a cough. A visit to the vets confirmed an enlarged heart and the cough was the pressure on her lungs. Since then a gradual decline in her health became evident, she was falling down the last couple of stairs and coming in the back door was difficult. She became confused and the cough became worse.

Her old heart failed and renal failure occurred and On the 15th April after a difficult weekend and the kids staying off school to stay with her we attended Ingles’ where at 11am Sadie fell asleep in my arms.

She will always be in our hearts and thank you to Ena & Frank.

Tina what a lovely tribute to your beloved Sadie. Frank and myself will always be very gratefule for the wonderful loving home you gave Sadie.

RIP Sadie your sadly missed by all who loved you xx.

Sadie xx  Sadie xx
Sadie xx   
Fly xx >>
Posted: 20th May 2014

Hi Ena, this is Fly who we got from yourself way back in 1996! Fly had a fantastic 14 and a half years with us before crossing the rainbow bridge in October 2010. I've attached a few pictures of her to share with others, one on the day we picked her up from your home, two of her enjoying herself in the Yorkshire dales which was undoubtedly her favourite holiday destination and finally one playing in the snow outside our house where she looks full of energy for her 13 years of age at the time. I could never thank you enough for introducing us to Fly and I hope she had a happy life with us, she certainly made our lives brighter. Xxx
Leanne, thank you so much for the update on wee Sky, sadly a very sad one. We are so grateful she had all these years with you and was so well loved. Love Ena xxx.

Fly xx  Fly xx
Fly xx  Fly xx
Lovely Luna xx >>
Posted: 16th May 2014

Hi Ena,
A sad email to let you know that Luna went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Her back legs had started to go which wasn't that much of a concern but she started weeing blood. She looked tired and done and ready to go. Thank you for 8 years of an absolutely fabulous dog. Nanuk keeps looking for her but he's getting extra cuddles.

Alex and Terry McGurn

Hi Alex & Terry,

So very sorry to hear about Luna, at first I thought you had just sent me a photo of her, then I read your email, so very sad sad,I know words won't help at the moment but she had a wnderful life with you, our thoughts are with you all. xxx

Lovely Luna xx
Jake xx >>
Posted: 11th May 2014

Hello Ena and Frank just to let you know we have lost our precious Jake through ill health we are so heart broken . I would like to thank you for picking us to be his family we have had such wonderful times with him and his best friend Ebony is missing him too. Thankyou again Sharon and Alan.
Hi Sharon & Alan, We were so very sorry to hear about Jake, he was well loved and had such a wonderful life with you and your family and for that we are so grateful.
Run free at the Bridge Jake, hope Breagh is waiting to meet you.RIP.Jake xx.

Jake xx
Gorgeous Ben xx >>
Posted: 4th May 2014

Hi Ena. Sorry we havent been in touch lately but things have been very sad here. I am just writing this to let you and Frank know that we had to put Ben to sleep this morning at 10.30. He started to limp about three weeks ago so we kept an eye on it hoping it would go away but it did'nt. We took him to the vet last Wednesday who X rayed him. Diagnosis was bone cancer. She put him on Tramadol but it did not have any effect. I could not believe how quickly he deteriorated Ena. Within a week he could only walk about 10 yards and that was painful for him. He had arthritis in his back legs also but we were keeping on top of that with injections and anti inflammatories. The cancer was in his left shoulder so he was left with only one good leg. The vet did not think he would have coped with amputation due to him having the arthritis.
I am really sorry for emailing you Ena and not phoning but it is very very raw at the moment and I am finding it difficult to speak to anyone about it. Writing this is also very difficult.
I will phone you within the next couple of weeks, hopefully sooner when I will be able to talk about it.
Thank you so much for allowing us to have all those happy years with Ben. We wouldnt have changed anything for the world.
Speak to you soon and all the best to Frank.
Angus and Cath xxx
Angus & Cath,
Frank and myself were so so very sorry to hear about your lovely boy, we knew how much he meant to you and how much you loved him. So glad we saw Ben last September time. Although bless him he was starting to feel his age and wouldn't look at the camera to have his pic taken, more taken up with the treats Angus had.
Thank you both so musch for giving him sucha wonderful home.
I remember way back in 2004 your friends Hazel and Peter from the Lodge Hotel Edinbane came for Brodie who is another black lab. He put your name forward for Ben and you came so very highly recommened, you and Peter came down from The Isle of Skye for him. We are so grateful to you both for giving him such a brilliant home, just wish you could have had him longer. Take care xx.
Run free at the Bridge Ben, you were so well loved here with your folks, hopefully you will meet up with more of our boys and girls who i'm sure will be waiting to welcome you. love Ena & Frank xxx

Gorgeous Ben xx  Gorgeous Ben xx
Wee Meg xx >>
Posted: 19th April 2014

Hi Ena

I thought I should let you know that we had to put wee Meg to sleep on Monday. She hasn’t been very well since December and was recently diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. She has been a wonderful companion over the years and her cheeky personality and affection are sorely missed. She was nearly 9 but we had hoped to have her for much longer. She was a small dog but leaves a huge gap in our lives.

I hope all well with you.

With kindest regards


Hi Sandra so so very sorry to hear about wee Meg, thank you for giving her such a loving home with you and your mum,she was very lucky to find you both xx

RIP Wee Meg, run free at the Bridge xx

Wee Meg xx
Handsome Boy Woody RIP X >>
Posted: 17th April 2014
Hello Ena
It is with great sadness that we have to let you know we lost Woody on Saturday 13th April. He was our life and we miss him terribly, but wish to thank you, that you brought us together nearly twelve years ago now. He turned into a great wee boy and enjoyed life to the full. He had been having problems over the last few months with his front legs, and on Saturday fell and broke his femur so it decided to relieve him of his pain and have him put to sleep, it was such a hard decision to make.
I have attached some pictures of him to let you see what a lovely boy he was.
Kind Regards
John Cuthbertson & Craig Hilton
Hi Guys, yes he is very handsome love the pics,but we are so so sorry to hear about your gorgeous big lad Woody, when I first saw the name I was so excited, which quickly turned to sadness. Thank you so much for letting us know, he was so loved and had a wonderful life with you, we kinda lost touch when you moved !!
First pic is of him ibn the kennels, poor wee soul had been found in a field when he was only weeks old !!! Then you came along and his life changed forever, I remember him as a very gentle big lad when you used to bring him back for visits.
RIP. Woody you will be sorely missed, but you should have a few Second Chancer's waiting to meet you at the bridge and show you the ropes. God bless xxxxx

Handsome Boy Woody RIP X  Handsome Boy Woody RIP X
Handsome Boy Woody RIP X  Handsome Boy Woody RIP X
Fraser xx >>
Posted: 29th March 2014

He came into our lives one sunny September evening.. The phone call came from Second Chance rescue centre to say they had a wee dog they thought we would love.. We had lost our last dog Sandy in the May. And our house was so empty .. So after a lot of thought we went to see "Fraser".. It was love at first sight for myself and Bob when we saw him..he came home with us that night.. and it was as if he knew where he was, he slotted into our lives right away, especially Bobs.. From that day on wherever Bob was Fraser was.. We had never heard of "American Cocker Spaniels". He was such a cute wee cuddly friendly bundle of fur.. How the previous owners could have abandoned him I will never understand.. Seemingly a baby had arrived and they no longer wanted Fraser.. He loved his toys,lots of walks, meeting different people.. He would always go and sit beside any visitors and give them lots of cuddles and kisses.. After we had him for a few weeks he took a terrifying turn while out in the garden.. After being rushed to the vets ( the start of many many visits to the vet)...!!! We found out he suffered from epilepsy but with careful use of his drugs it was manageable .. He went on to have a happy 2 years with us until just into January this year when he started having problems walking .. After yet another visit to the vet he was diagnosed with a fractured Cruciate ligament in his knee.. We were told to rest him and go back in a week but in that time the ligament in his other knee went as well.. We were then faced with the choice of having him put to sleep or him having a double operation to repair his knees .. We knew we had to give him the chance so he went to the specialist veterinary hospital in St. Monans in fife on 7th February this year he was in for the longest 4 days .. We brought him home to spend the next 3 months very slowly recovering.. It was very hard for all of us .. He had to helped up and down stairs ( carried for the first month).. Put on a special diet ( which he hated).. !! But gradually he got stronger day by day and walked a little further every day. We were all counting the days until the end of April when he was to go back for his check up and hopefully be told that he could start enjoying the rest of his life.. On Sunday he did not seem his normal cheery self.. He took what we thought was a fit but it went on to long .. We took him to the vets and he was given an antibiotic injection and pills to take.. He seemed so much better by Monday and was looking for something to eat .Our son Andrew and his fiancée Natalie popped in for a quick visit with their dog Holly and they were saying how good he was looking after getting his coat all groomed the week before.. But by night time he was not right and took another strange turn.. He slept all night . And in the morning seemed his normal self and ate all his breakfast after his walk in the park.. But not long after he was sick again.. I phoned the vets and they said to wait 24 hrs to see if there was a pattern .. So we made an appointment for the Thursday afternoon.. On the Thursday morning he seemed to have improved so much I was going to cancel the vets but decided to go just for peace of mind.. We took him along and he was giving kisses and wagging his wee tail. The vet started examining him and I just knew there was going to be bad news. She said one of his kidneys did not feel right..and they wanted to put him on a drip to flush out his kidneys.. We had to leave him and they would phone us in a couple of hours with the results..( the longest hours ).. !! When the phone rang I picked it up and waited with dread .. Then she told me that the scan had showed an inoperable tumour on his liver.. That's when we both broke down.. After all that he had been through to now be told this....our poor boy... I couldn't even speak she told me to call back when we had decided what to do ( I knew there was only one thing to do, we couldn't let him suffer). With tears streaming down our faces we drove to the vets they brought him into the room still attached to the drip his wee tail was wagging when he seen us and when we lifted him onto the table he covered us in his kisses ( that tore us apart).!!! We cradled him in our arms and told him we loved him..within a few minutes he was gone.. I just wanted to pick him up and bring him home and things to go on as normal .. But we had to walk out without him. Driving back home and walking into the empty house was heartbreaking .. Seeing all his toys in the basket.. his food bowls and his bed all waiting on him coming back was so so hard.. "Fraser you have left such a gap in our lives that will be so hard to fill.." You gave all your family and friends so much joy in your time with us. Rest in peace darling boy.....

Eileen & Bob,
I could hardly read this, what a lovely tribute to your beautiful boy Fraser, you both must feel so cheated, that you only had him for such a short time.
We will never be able to thank you both for giving not one but two of our boys such a wonderful happy home.
Your an amazing couple, I used to love getting all the photo's of him, and I'll miss that.
Thinking of you both at this very sad time.
Warmest regards
Ena & Frank x x
RIP Fraser you are sorely missed xxx

Fraser xx  Fraser xx
Fraser xx  Fraser xx
Darling Hamish. >>
Posted: 2nd March 2014

Its with a heavy heart that on the 26th February 2014 Our darling wee boy went to Rainbow Bridge .Hamish was only 7years old .We adopted him 5months ago .In that short time he made such a difference to our lives .Hamish loved playing football in the garden or in the house ,loved his walks to the woods with his dad ,Would always know when meal time was loved cuddles,loved visitors fussing .He was a star find we are so grateful to Ena @ Frank for allowing us to adopt him .We are heartbroken losing him but we could not watch him suffer He was put to sleep by the vet in the house .Icare pet crematorium did his cremation We will take his ashes to the woods later in the year ,his favourite place ,We may have lost Hamish from our lives ,but we have lovely photographs & memories of him that we will treasure .The days are hard for us we have cried so much it hurts ,but this will ease in time knowing he is playing with his friends & running free with no more pain.

Ann & Derek we were all so so sorry to hear about Hamish, we all loved him and had such fun with him while he was with us. When we speak of Hamish it's always about how he used to play with not one but three wee balls at a time he was so funny. Such a shame he was with you for such a very short time he brought you so much happiness.Thank you for giving him five months of love and fun. x Ena / Frank and all here at Second Chance xxx

Rest in Peace wee man,your mum & dad adored you x xx

Darling Hamish.  Darling Hamish.
Darling Hamish.  Darling Hamish.
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Posted: 17th February 2014

Just to let you know that we had to have Kira put to sleep today, as she has had a very aggressive lymphoma which has caused a very rapid decline in her health.
We are very grateful to have played a part in Kira's life, which was happy with lots of walks, food and the love of both us and our children. She was a lovely dog with a lovely nature, and will be sorely missed (but not by our postman!). Thank you for enabling us to adopt her-she gave us a lot of joy!
So sorry to hear about wee Kira, she was a sweetheart, although I remember when she first went to her new home she jumped quite a high wall in the garden, didn't take her anywhere but the garden !!! You adopted Kira when she was a year old back on the 26 /4/05 so nearly 10 years old.
Thank you so very much for giving her such a happy fulfilled life, for which we are very grateful.
RIP. wee one run free you'll meet lots of friends at the Bridge xx

Bonny Kiera xx
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