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Sad story here !! This older lady and three other dogs were left with us when their owner passed awa...

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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

This page is for all the dogs that have been through the doors of Second Chance Kennels and have sadly passed away.

We will put up photos and stories here as memories to the dogs that were loved so much by us and their owners.

Song: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Tasha xx >>
Posted: 15th September 2016

Hello Ena & Frank,
Just to let you know this afternoon we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put Tasha to sleep. Her back legs couldn't take any more 😔. We would like to thank you for allowing Tasha to be a member of our family as you also gave us Kira they are together now over rainbow bridge. Tasha and Kira brought us many happy days and comforted us on our sad days they have left us with loads of happy memories that we will cherish forever.
Chloe so so sorry to hear about Tasha as always we are so very grateful she Kiera and wee Bobby ( your gran's wee dog ) all had such a wonderful life with you all. Love the photo of you and Kiera xx
RIP. Tasha you will be sorely missed hope you've met up with Kiera and Bobby xxx

Tasha xx
Poppy xx >>
Posted: 16th August 2016

Hi Ena,
Finally getting round to sending you some photos of Maureen Cameron's beloved Poppy. Maureen got Poppy from you in 2004 until she sadly went to sleep for the last time on 12th July 2016. Sadly missed as she was the heart and soul of the house and always the boss!
So very sorry to hear about Poppy, just so grateful she had such a wonderful home where she was so well loved. xx RIP Poppy hope your running free at Rainbow Bridge xx

Poppy xx  Poppy xx
Poppy xx  Poppy xx
Poppy xx  Poppy xx
Murphy xx >>
Posted: 6th August 2016

Dear Ena, yet again I write to you with my heart broken. Sadly we lost
Murphy on 21/06/16 one year and twenty days after his brother Brodie.
Murphy gave us so much love and memories to have forever. He did pine
for Brodie and we got him a wee pal which did seem to make a difference
to him. Candy is also a rescue pup and she in turn now misses Murphy.
Thankyou for letting us have our boys they were a big part in all my
family's lives and will never be forgotten. Some photos of Murphy,
Brodie and wee Candy xx

Murphy xx
Lily xx >>
Posted: 10th June 2016

Dear Ena and everybody at second chance is with much sadness that i have to let you know that our beloved wee girl LILY has passed on to Rainbow Bridge, we will be forever grateful that when we visited her in your kennels 2 and a half yrs ago that she chose us to be her forever mum n dad, we truly loved her my dark angel i used to call her .. she was the most fabulous sweetest clever and well behaved dog and my best friend, we are just so very sad that the dreaded lymmphona took our gorgeous sweet clever girl away far far far too soon, as she was still under her 7th year and such a joy to have as a massive part of our family may GOD bless her and keep her safe untill we meet again run painfree and happy at Rainbow Bridge LILY ... we miss you always and forever and think and talk about you with fondest memories xx

Linda we were so so very sorry to hear about Lily. So sad she only had such a short time with you and Alistair and your family xx What a lovely tribute to a special wee lass.xx

Run free at the Bridge Lily xx

Lily xx  Lily xx
Lily xx  Lily xx
Diesel xx >>
Posted: 18th May 2016

Diesel we were so sorry to hear you had passed over to Rainbow Bridge. You were a very special big lad having come on so very well after you were found tied to the gate at the kennels, with just a carrier bag and a wee story about your ear.You were such a big soft lad loved by everyone.We took you to the vets in Kirkcaldy but the vet then wanted to euthanise you as she said you were aggressive eh no !!! you had a very sore ear. Then we got a call from Wendy and Cath at Broadley vets in Stirling the recognised you as one of their past clients.They came through and the rest is history. We then found a wonderful home for you with Carol and Tony only stipulation was they had to use Broadley vets which they did. Thanks to them you went on to have a wonderful life, this is you being nanny to their grandaughter.

Run free at the Bridge big lad you will be sorely missed. xxx

Diesel xx
Oscar xx >>
Posted: 18th May 2016


After 11 years with us and at the age of 13 we unfortunately lost Oscar last week.
Oscar came to us in 2005, when he was 2 years old. He was a brilliant dog, very friendly with people he knew but not so much with strangers. Although towards he end he got much better even with the dreaded vet. We miss him very much and the house is quite literally so much quieter without him.
Fingal is coping quite well as he's got a little friend called Blue staying with us so he's not on his own.
But before you ask we've no vacancy at the moment..... maybe later.
Hi Janice,
We were so very sorry to hear about Oscar.
Thank you so much for letting us know and for giving him such a happy life. Was good when you brought him back to visit and strange thing is you went away with a playmate for him a 12 week old puppy who grew into what can I say a very big lad and was Oscar's best mate. Loved all the pics you sent with them playing together.RIP Oscar you will be sadly missed, run free at the Bridge where lots of Second Chance dogs will be waiting to meet you xxx

Oscar xx  Oscar xx
Kerry xx >>
Posted: 16th May 2016

We were on holiday last week of April when were told Kerry wasn’t feeling well and was off her food. When we came back she still wasn’t any better so we took her to the vet on Monday 2nd May 2016. Sadly, after some initial tests the vet thought she could detect a lump in Kerry’s abdomen. We wanted to give Kerry every chance to fight what she had, and after a quick operation, the vet confirmed our worst fears, Kerry had a tumour. We were devastated and as there was little that could be done, it was with heavy hearts and much tears we said goodbye to our dear family friend, our girl Kerry.

Kerry joined our family in 2003 from Second Chance Kennels as a rescue dog to be a friend and companion for our other dog, Holly who also came to us from Second Chance a wee bit earlier. Both girls bonded straight away and were inseparable. Although Kerry had some problems with her legs she always wanted to play and would chase Holly stealing her ball at every chance. She tolerated most dogs easily but for some reason not Border Collies, no way! Kerry was affectionate in her own way and never complained about anything.

Our wee star will be dearly missed; her ashes will be buried next to a young tree we planted last year next to Colin’s Dad’s ashes, Archie.

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all at Second Chance for giving us the opportunity to have Kerry as part of our family for 13 great years.

Colin Smith & Anne Wilson

Colin & Anne so very sorry to hear about Kerry, but we are so very grateful she had such a wonderful home with both of you and Holly xx RIP Kerry run free at the Bridge xx xx

Kerry xx  Kerry xx
Kerry xx  Kerry xx
Lovely Tia xx >>
Posted: 4th April 2016

Dear Granny Ena,
I had to leave my mummy,daddy and family on the 16th March 2016 after 13 years. I am now away to Rainbow Bridge to run free and make new friends. Thank you Granny Ena for finding me my forever home with mummy and daddy in Perth. I arrived at the right time as my daddy had an accident at work and couldn't work any more so I kept him on his toes and played with him all the time. Mummy took me for my walks every day and loved running along the river bank.
Always and Forever in our Hearts
Tia we are so grateful to your daddy Charlie and family for giving you the best home ever, and for keeping in touch with us through the thirteen years.Run free at the Bridge sweetheart, you will meet quite a lot of our past residents who like yourself have just recently gone over.xx
R.I.P Tia you will be sorely missed xxx

Lovely Tia xx  Lovely Tia xx
Todd xx >>
Posted: 15th March 2016

Hi Ena,
Just a wee note to let you know our wee Todd (Lucky) passed away peacefully on Sunday 6th March. He was 15 and was a much loved puppy. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do. RIP wee Toddy boy. We miss you much. Xx
Andrea thank you for letting us know about Todd,and for giving him such a wonderful home, he was like as you say a lovely wee lad.
RIP Todd run free at the Bridge you will be sorely missed xxx

Todd xx
Gypsy xx >>
Posted: 5th March 2016

Hi Ena. With a very sad heart have to tell you that I had to part with my beloved Gyps yesterday. She took a stroke 10 days ago and we struggled on. With the help of an excellent Vet I had to make the heart breaking decision of letting her go. She was an absolutely super dog and my constant companion. Just want to thank you for choosing me to give her a home for almost13 years of her 14years and 2 months. She will be sadly missed by all who knew her and will never be forgotten. Many thanks. Kind regards Judy (Forrester)
Judy thanks for letting us know so so sorry to hear about Gyps. No more seeing her in the morning when we are heading to the kennels.We are so grateful she had such a wonderful home with you. RIP Gyps run free at the Bridge xx
May the memories you have of her be a comfort to you in the days to come.Thinking of you xx

Gypsy xx
Tinsel xx >>
Posted: 4th March 2016

It's with great sadness I write this. Our wee Tinsel has gone to Rainbow Bridge.She had come on so well and had found such a wonderful home with Sharon and her family and wee Jeannie another wee dog she came in with.They like us are absolutely devastated. RIP Tinsel you were so loved by everyone who knew you here. Just so so sad you didn't get the chance to enjoy your new life for longer.xx

Tinsel xx
Max xx >>
Posted: 29th February 2016

Dear Ena & Frank
I'm really sad and heartbroken to tell you our beloved Max got put to sleep on the 19th February 2016. He was 16yrs old. He was really struggling with his back legs and on Friday we had to make the hardest decision we have ever had to face. It has totally tore me apart. He had a great 16yrs with us. I remember the day when myself my mum & dad came to your kennels 16yrs ago & their was a litter of spaniel cross puppies. The moment we saw Max he was the one. Remember we done a second visit to you the next day and my mum picked Max's sister Pepsi, who sadly died 6 yrs ago. When I moved out my mums house into my new house I picked Max (well he picked me really ) to stay in my new home. Max was about 4 yrs old at that time but still had visits & to see his sister Pepsi most days. We had a lot of stressful but funny times with our Max so we would often call him Mad Max, that's exactly what he was. He was such a character in his youth. When Max was 6yrs old I had my little boy Calum who is now 11yrs old. He has been Calums four legged brother and has left a big hole in Calums life. The night when Max crossed Rainbow bridge me & Calum cuddled into each other & cried until 4am the next morning. Our house isn't the same, it's so empty. I don't think I can ever go through this pain again. What comfort's us is knowing Max is now reunited with his sister Pepsi over Rainbow bridge. I thank you both for giving us such a loving, loyal friend & companion for a fantastic 16yrs
Kind regards, Katrina,Grant,Calum,May & Ronnie.X
Hi Thank you all so much for letting us know about Max,we were so sorry to hear he had gone to the Bridge, we are so grateful that both he and Pepsi had such a wonderful life with you all.
RIP Max hope Pepsi was there to greet you xx

Max xx
Guiness xx >>
Posted: 25th February 2016

You may remember Guiness as one of your first litter of pups (we saw her at your home). She was in her 18th year and had been slowing down but still able to follow me around the house and her appetite never wained. Unfortunately last week she deteriorated and on Friday, although I helped her up for her breakfast, she lay still for the rest of the day prompting me to call the vet. We had already had the conversation with the vet 4 weeks ago and we agreed that as long as she was making the effort to get about things were fine but that when she couldn't raise herself from her bed thie time had come. Sadly that day had come and we had to say goodbye to her on Friday.


I have attached some recent pictures of Guiness and Breagha and the last one of Guiness taken around a week ago and with some of her beloved toys. No doubt I'll be in touch in due course.

Lynn Hatch


So very very sorry to hear about your beloved Guiness, what a wonderful life she had with you and a good age although they never live long enough for us.

Treasure the memories you have of her and i'm sure in time you will be able to smile when you remember some of her antics.

RIP Guiness run free at Rainbow Bridge xx

Guiness xx  Guiness xx
Guiness xx  Guiness xx
Mickey xx RIP >>
Posted: 3rd February 2016

Hi Ena
I'm really sad to tell you that our friend Mickey passed away this morning. He collapsed last night and died after an emergency operation in the early hours of this morning.
Thank you very much for introducing us to him. He was such an important part of our family life and we all feel his loss keenly and keep expecting to have him wander into the room and jump up onto his favourite spot – the back of the settee!
Although we are all heartbroken now, we are all so glad that he was part of our lives.
Graeme, Denise and family.
Thanks for letting me know about your lovely boy, he was such a wee star. I am so very grateful he had such a happy full life where he was so well loved by you all. So very very sorry to hear he has gone to Rainbow Bridge R.I.P. Mickey you had so much love in your life and we are so grateful xx

Mickey xx RIP  Mickey xx RIP
Mickey xx RIP  Mickey xx RIP
Maggie xx >>
Posted: 20th December 2015

Dear Ena and Frank.

I am really sad to tell you our beloved Maggie died on 9th October aged eleven and a half. She collapsed on getting up in the morning and had obviously had a major internal problem but whether a heart attack or something else neither us nor the vet could decide. She was in no pain although conscious and died with both Andrew and I with her. Kes, our daughter’s dog was staying with us and Maggie had been playing on the beach with him the day before so it came as a big shock to us when she collapsed. I think he is almost as upset as we are as he had known her from when he was a puppy and stayed with us a lot. He still looks for her when he visits us. We were so grateful to have had Maggie for 10 and a half years. She was a great companion, laid back apart from disliking most other dogs which stemmed from not being socialised before we got her I think. However she loved people and was well known around the village. She was super with our young grandchildren. They both have toy Rottie dogs called Maggie and said the other day how much they miss her. Although we didn’t get her directly from you, thank you for letting us keep her. We have such wonderful memories of her and lots of photos, some of which I am attaching.

Kind regards

Sue and Andrew Robertson, New Deer

Hi Sue and Andrew we were so so sorry to hear about your beloved Maggie,but so grateful she had such a wonderful home with you, thank you.

RIP. Maggie you were a very special Rottie girl and will be sorely missed by

everyone who knew you xx


Maggie xx  Maggie xx
Maggie xx  Maggie xx
Maggie xx  Maggie xx
Maggie xx   
Toby xx >>
Posted: 20th December 2015

Hi Ena & Frank
Thank you for your kind words, the house is so empty without our boys.
I am sure you will recognise the pose from Toby on the picture attached, we have had 13 happy years with him and his pal Max who we sadly lost earlier in the year, I think Toby really missed him but I am sure they are both running around together at Rainbow Bridge. They both were the best of friends and done everything together, Toby always finished his dinner first so he could get his head into Max's bowl!! They always played together Toby even so small still managed to jump on Max. When Max left us early this year he was so sad we did think then about getting him a friend but his health wasn't good and it wouldn't have been fair. I think we knew it wouldn't be long till he found his friend again. This helps us knowing they are together again and we have given them both lots of happy years together.
As I said the house just doesn't feel right without a four legged friend around, I don't think it will be long before we visit you again. We have taken a wee shine to Esther but not sure if we are ready yet, her sad eyes are touching our heart. Maybe you can tell us a little bit about her?
Bill, Wendy and family
So sorry to hear about Toby a right wee charachter.
Run Free at the Bridge Toby, hope you are now with Max xx

Toby xx  Toby xx
Roscoe xx >>
Posted: 2nd November 2015

I'd like to thank you for 16 good years with Roscoe, Unfortunately I'm sad to say that he has passed away. He was a loving member of the family and will be sorely missed.
We got him as a puppy and right from the start knew he'd be a proper character. He was amazing with our cats and also children, I sometimes wondered if he even realised that he was a dog.
As a puppy he loved long walks and playing outside for hours but in his later years preferred the quieter life. We have a log cabin in the garden and Roscoe claimed this as his domain. He'd be up bright and early waiting to enter and would happily spend ours just laying in the sunshine. He was first in the cabin in the morning and last to leave at night.
This Christmas will not be the same without him. As a pup he would steal the chocolate presents in the middle of the night and as he aged, he loved to help the younger kids open their presents.
I've attached a few pictures of him throughout the last few years and again want to say thanks. We couldnt have asked for a more loyal and loving companion.
Yours Fiona Ritchie
Thank you for letting us know about Roscoe, we are so very sorry to hear he has passed away but so grateful to you and your family for giving him such a wonderful life. Love the photo's what a happy looking big lad.xx RIP Roscoe run free at the Bridge xx

Roscoe xx  Roscoe xx
Sally ( wee mini Tess ) >>
Posted: 24th August 2015

Hi Ena a few words about Sally (mini Tess) for Rainbow Bridge.

As you know Sally crossed Rainbow Bridge in June aged 18 yrs.Always know by you as 'mini Tess' due to the similarities to that of your own beloved Tess. Sally came to stay with us from Second Chancein 2001. A brilliant dog and @ sister @Corrie, then Maddie and more recently Ellie. Always 'Top Dog' Sally ruled the roost and even in old age the 'nippers' knew their place. Now running free, Sally will never be forgotten.

Thank you David she was a very special wee lass, everytime I look at our Tess's photo I see your Sally. Run free Sally you were very much loved xx

Sally ( wee mini Tess )  Sally ( wee mini Tess )
Sally ( wee mini Tess )  Sally ( wee mini Tess )
Kia xx >>
Posted: 17th August 2015

Hello Ena and Frank,
I am attaching photographs of Kia who we had the great pleasure of giving a forever home to for over 9yrs, she is now running free at Rainbow Bridge and we will never forget her. There are many photographs but here are a few taken over the years with her, she was definitely the best thing we did which was to adopt her and we were so lucky that she chose us.
Kind regards
Liz and Robert Godfrey
Hi Liz & Robert,
So very sorry to hear about your gorgeous girl, but so grateful she had such a wonderful life with you.Run free at the Bridge Kia xx

Kia xx  Kia xx
Kia xx   
Wee Ruby xx >>
Posted: 6th August 2015

Dear Ena and Frank,

It is with deep sadness that I am contacting you to let you know that wee Ruby has passed away.
It was a very sad day for us as she was a very special old lady who captured everyone's heart but she was tired and it was time to let her go. She brought so much joy into our lives from the day we first saw her at your kennels 4 1/2 years ago. We are comforted by our happy times together, she was a loving sweet natured wee lady who has left a huge void in our lives. I know Harry and his family were very fond of her.
I have attached some photos of happier times together when she still had her wee sparkle - she was a wee miracle.
Love and thank you for bringing Ruby into our lives.
Mags, Jordan and Rebecca.
Thank you for letting us know about wee Ruby Mags,so so sorry to hear she has gone to the Bridge.We are very grateful she had such an wonderful life with you and your family.Yes your right Harry, Avril & the boys were very fond of her as were we all. RIP Ruby run free at the Bridge knowing how much you were
Mags sorry it wont let me add her last photo xx

Wee Ruby xx  Wee Ruby xx
Wee Ruby xx  Wee Ruby xx
Wee Ruby xx  Wee Ruby xx
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