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Since it opened in 1999, hundreds of dogs have passed through the kennels doors and have gone on to wonderful new homes and families. On this page you will see some of those lucky dogs in their forever homes, and hear how they've settled in and how they've enriched their new families' lives.

Snoop >>
Posted: 30th August 2012

This is me getting ready to go home with my new mum & dad,they are so happy to be adopting me and I couldn't wait to get in the car. Lots of love Snoop xx Update from my mum & dad, Ena loves it when people let us know how her beloved dogs are getting on so here is my story from my new home xx

Hi everyone at Second Chance Kennels.
I just wanted to let you know how I'm getting on at my new home.
You'll be glad to know that I'm settling in nicely and I'm happy. My new Mum and Dad love me to bits although they say I can be a little mischievous if I think I might get away with it .. So far I haven't got away with it but im sure I'll keep trying (well I am a jack russell after all)
I've got a big garden to run around in and explore and I go out for a long walk every day (usually 2 walks actually cause my Mum loves walking and so do I). Theres a great big park over the road from my new house with lots to explore & lots of people and other dogs. My Mum says I have to stay on the lead when we're out (not sure she trusts me not to disappear down a rabbit hole or chase the birds) but I've got one of those extendable leads so I can run so far. We've been through town too and mum says I was a good boy.
I've met one of the 3 grown ups who are my
mum & Dads other kids.. His name is Chris and he stays over some nights when he goes to something called Karate in Cupar. I absolutely love him and want him to play all the time. He said I was a little beggar (least that's what I think he said) when I nicked a bit of paper right out of his pocket.. But he was trying not to laugh when he told me off.
I've been left on my own in the house for a while a few times.. At first just for ten minutes then for slightly longer times each time. At first i was looking out for my family coming back but now I'm quite relaxed about it because I've realised that my family do come back and then I get to play.
Even when Mum is at work I know she will pop in and see me before too long. She's got a new cover for the back seat of her car and a special seatbelt so i can go in it now. I love the car.
My Mum and Dad say to tell you they can't thank you enough for letting them adopt me and they will send you some photos In the next few weeks so you can see how I'm doing.
Thank you for looking after me and for finding me my new home
Lots of love
Snoop Dog :) xxxxx

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Scout, Jasper & Cupar. >>
Posted: 28th August 2012

Susan how lovely to hear from you,"our boy's" Scout and Jasper are looking very well. Love your new boy Cupar how gorgeous is he.Once again thanks so much for keeping in touch xxx

Dear Ena
Just wanted to introduce you to the new member of the pack and update you on Jasper and scout since their move to Norfolk. Both Jazzy and Scout are loving our country walks. Scout is doing well but having the usual problems of old age!
We have a new rescue boy - Cupar (thought I would make sure he was connected to Fife). He was born to a rescued lurcher Willow from our rescue centre FAITH and I am afraid as soon as I saw him had to have him. He is now coming up for a year and is making the trip next week up to Fife with Jasper to visit my mum and dad and be introduced to pepper (another second chance doggy) and Eddie. Scout is going to spend a restful week in Norfolk.
Attached photo of scout and Jasper and a couple of Cupar. He won a reserve ribbon at the local dog show recently - very proud.
Best wishes to you

Scout, Jasper & Cupar.  Scout, Jasper & Cupar.
Scout, Jasper & Cupar.  Scout, Jasper & Cupar.
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Buck >>
Posted: 26th August 2012

Hi everyone I'd like you to meet my new mum & dad, do you think we look happy together ? Ena & Frank say I look as though I'm smiling. Whatever I'm doing I'm a very happy boy, have a lovely big enclosed garden, my dad works with the forestry so I will be going to work with him everyday.lots of love Buck xx.

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Patch >>
Posted: 25th August 2012

What a lovely surprise, so lovely of you guys to do this. Patch doesn't come to visit as he isn't good in the car. So this is the next best thing xxx

Hello everyone. Just to let you know how I am getting on. I've been with my folks Gavin & Louise since 11th April 2003 and I'm now 10 1/2.
I love a lie in in the mornings but I still have as much energy as ever. I like to go for walks and play with my indestructable toys. hope you like the pic of me playing out the back with my bubble machine!
Love Patch x

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Kalli >>
Posted: 25th August 2012

Hi Everyone this is me Kalli back for a visit, I am doing really well in my new home, getting lots of walks and love xxx

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Brodie ( was Marley here) >>
Posted: 25th August 2012

Brodie came back for a visit today with his folks, He came into us as a 12 week old puppy and just look at the size of him now, and he has the most fantastic nature and is loved to bits xxx

Brodie ( was Marley here)
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Jack >>
Posted: 25th August 2012

Well how lucky am I, this is me with Dexter another Second Chance dog and of course my mum and her wee grand child. So I am assured of a lovely new home love Jack xxx

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Holly >>
Posted: 23rd August 2012

Nala went to her new home today, Ena was a bit upset at thinking of we on my own tonight and she prayed that someone special would pop by to see me, and here she is my new mum do we look happy or what love Holly xx.

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Soozi >>
Posted: 23rd August 2012

Soozi brought her mum back for a visit today, what a difference in a wee dog, nothing like the wee frightened soul who went out from here.She is looking for a pal so must see what we can do. xx

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Nala >>
Posted: 23rd August 2012

Wee Nala going home, this couple had Tara a Second Chance dog before.So this is another very happy ending xxx

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Best Pals >>
Posted: 22nd August 2012

Victoria what a beautiful photo,of your boys we love it. xxx

Hi Ena
We thought this was a sweet pic of our boys so thought we would share it x

Best Pals
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Rocco >>
Posted: 22nd August 2012

Well folks I didn't have to wait long for my new home, I only came in on Saturday, lovely couple who have been coming up to walk and get to know me, when they came today to take me home I was really pleased to see them. Love Rocco xx

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Happy Max >>
Posted: 21st August 2012

Getting ready to go home, my family are so nice I love them already as they have been down walking me and getting to know me, and I also have a wee brother Patterdale who I have met and we get on really well, it took me a wee bit longer to find a home but it was so worth it. Love Max xx

Happy Max
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Update on wee Daisy !! >>
Posted: 21st August 2012

Hi Folks thanks very much for the update on wee Daisy, so pleased she has settled in so well, another happy ending all round. xxx

Just wanted to say a big thank you for having Daisy rehomed with us. She has settled in like a duck to water and is loving her country walks and runs out in the car. She has filled a big void in our lives after having our last dog put to sleep because of an aggresive cancer on hid hind leg.
Daisy is a loving companion and has been admired by her vets. Thank you Frank, Ena and Sarah for placing Daisy with us.
Best Wishes
Robert and May.

Update on wee Daisy !!
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Paddy ( was Patrick ) >>
Posted: 17th August 2012

Hello Frank and Ena,

Paddy your a very lucky boy, and you look as though you have your family firmly wrapped round your wee paws xx

As you can see I have settled in with my new family. I have lots of toys to play. Jack and Lewis play with me and take me long walks. I have chewed up a few things but my family are helping me work through this….. I have the run of a big garden with lots of room for me to play and dig holes and pull out the plants, its great fun. As you can see I have a favourite perch on the chair in the window here I can watch everything in the street and wait for Jack and Lewis to come home to play with me. I quite like falling asleep there too as you can see.

I will keep in touch, I hope all is well with you and thank you for looking after me.

Love Paddy Woof Woof

Paddy ( was Patrick )  Paddy ( was Patrick )
Paddy ( was Patrick )  Paddy ( was Patrick )
Paddy ( was Patrick )  Paddy ( was Patrick )
Paddy ( was Patrick )  Paddy ( was Patrick )
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Murphy >>
Posted: 16th August 2012

Hi Rebecca,lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for the update on Murphy he looks fab, and I am so so pleased to hear Luna is still to the fore, long may she defy the vets !!. Love the pics xx

Hello Ena,Frank,and everyone at Second Chance. Hope all is
well with you. I have just spent a happy half hour on your
website looking through the photos of the happy hounds :-).
Lovely to see the Summer and Princess visited you recently (I
can't remember if they still have the same names).
I thought I would send a few photos of our adorable furbaby
Murphy, in one of his favourite places - on the deck by the
pond. If you tell him to "feed the fish" he races down there to
wait for you to bring the fish food! He sits very patiently,
watching the fish feed. Luckily he doesn't jump in, but one of
his doggie friends did a couple of months ago - a labrador
(surprise, surprise)!! The fish were a bit shy for a week or so,
but they're back feeding from our hands again now.
You will remember that our Gordon setter, Luna, was very ill, and
had a poor prognosis? Well, she continues to outwit and defy the
vet! She will be 12 on the 28th of August. She's still a
cheerful soul, who enjoys her food (especially fish, brussel
sprouts and rabbit) and being pampered and getting everything she
demands! There's a picture included of both of them on my bed!!
These days Luna usually needs help to get up there - she puts the
front of her body on, and waits for someone to come along and
give her back end a boost! If Murphy notices but we haven't, he
comes through to tell us she needs assistance - it's happened too
many times to be coincidence. Such a sweet boy! Luna doesn't
always want to go far on her walks these days, so we all go for
an amble until she's had enough, and then she goes inside for a
kip and I take Murphy out by himself. We have our first stubble
field now, just along from the house, and Murphy's LOVING it. I
get pleny of exercise and he gets individual training (which has
been a bit difficult when walking two dogs at once). He's coming
on really well.

Take care,
Rebecca (plus Alec, Murphy and Luna)

Murphy  Murphy
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George & Lorna >>
Posted: 15th August 2012

Getting a bit wet see you soon guys xx

George & Lorna
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Posted: 15th August 2012

Another girl I missed when she came to visit, she looks great.

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Marley >>
Posted: 15th August 2012

Cute wee man back for a visit, missed him again, one of these days we'll catch up xx

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Keira >>
Posted: 15th August 2012

Keira also went to a lovely new home today xx
Hi, this is debby, Keira's new mum again.

Just to let you know that I've organised perpetuating her insurance coverage with Petplan.

Keira's doing splendidly. We still keep her on the lead for safety reasons between home and the park or the beach, but once we arrive, we can let her off the lead to have a fine run-about, which she thoroughly enjoys. (Yesterday we met up with a 9-month-old spaniel and he gave her quite a workout!)

Fringe benefits: my husband's lost a couple of kilos, thanks to the extra exercise!

So everyone's very happy.

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