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Since it opened in 1999, hundreds of dogs have passed through the kennels doors and have gone on to wonderful new homes and families. On this page you will see some of those lucky dogs in their forever homes, and hear how they've settled in and how they've enriched their new families' lives.

Zak >>
Posted: 18th October 2005

Zak is one of Megs pup's that were born at the kennels two years past September. His mum and dad sent us this message:

Zak has settled down well now although he still has a few problems with his feeding habits.

He is great fun and enjoys going down the beach every day for a swim and to chase all the seagulls.

I attach one of his best pictures.

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Meg >>
Posted: 17th October 2005

This is Meg, she came up from Warrington a while ago with her "sister" Lucy, this is Meg on holiday with her mum & dad. As you see she is doing well and enjoying life to the full, and her mum and dad love her loads!

Meg  Meg
Meg  Meg
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Zeus & Ziggy >>
Posted: 16th October 2005

Remember Bubble & Squeak? Well look at us now we're growing up fast, and loving our new home where we are so well loved. We came back for a visit just to let everyone see how big we were getting and how well behaved we are.

Lots of Love Zeus & Ziggy xx.

Zeus & Ziggy
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Lady >>
Posted: 16th October 2005

This wee girl Lady was very lucky and found such a good home with Betty & Bob, Betty says she's not spoiled at all and she seems to love car seat belts, but can't eat a whole one though she gives it a good try, her dad has just got a new set ready to put in.

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Soldier >>
Posted: 16th October 2005

The black Lab is Soldier who came from here, don't you think I need to take him back obviously not looked after and very unhappy. This is the message he sent from his new home:

Hi Ena,

As you can see I am having a hard life now. All this swimming, and sunbathing fairly tires you out!

Lots of love from Soldier and my girlfriend Cassie

Soldier  Soldier
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Oscar >>
Posted: 14th October 2005

Hi, Oscar here just saying hello. I like it here in my new home and my new family love loads. I love my walks, in fact my mum thinks I must be a water spaniel because I even like to go out in the pouring rain! Anyway, here are a few pics of me in my new home, hope you like them.

Oscar xx

Oscar  Oscar
Oscar  Oscar
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Ace >>
Posted: 11th October 2005

Hi Ena (lady!)

Thought we would give you an update on ACE who has settled in well to his new life with us in Dunfermline! We have just come back from a run around in the park, where he was running an fetching his ball, now he's having his sunday snooze! he loves getting out in our garden and is great fun, especially with Kate and her friends who make lots of fuss over him (as both me and Liz do!) which as you know he just loves! We took him down yesterday to Pittencrieff Park just loves having a good run about! Well time to sign off for now, thanks again to you all at Second Chance Keneels for lets us have ACE he's one in a million!

Best Regards

Mark, Liz & Kate Eltringham

Ace  Ace
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Harry the St. Bernard >>
Posted: 8th October 2005

Dear Nana Ena

Just "paws" to send you my love, it has been 15 month's since I came to my new Mum and Dad and of course my two little brothers Toby & Brodie. Sorry it has been so long but I had to wait until my body grew again to fit my head, now I can see out of my eyes and the skin does not cover them I can see to write. Brodie and I keep telling Toby what a wonderful place Second Chance is, we till him it was our second chance and that Nana Ena and Grandad Frank are out guardian angels. We also see Ben peeping through the bar window from the back of his Dad's car when his Mum comes to pick him up.

As you can see from the photograph the three of us had great fun playing on the beach. I'm a bit chunkier than when I came here, but Dad says I have a little way to go yet. We have our own three piece suite, I have the couch (just right for resting my head) and the little boys have a chair each. The other photo is of me having a little snooze in front of the fire - trying to keep up with Brodie wears you out (will he ever grow up). Must go have just heard "biscuits".

Lots of love, sloppy wet kisses


Harry the St. Bernard  Harry the St. Bernard
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Willow >>
Posted: 5th October 2005

This wee girl had practically no hair when we rehomed her and just look at her now! This is what her "Dad" says about her:


Quick e-mail to let you see Willow. Doing well and as the photo shows she's nothing like the wee dog that came to us last summer.

Best wishes,
Neil Leitch

Willow  Willow
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Robbie >>
Posted: 3rd October 2005

This wee lad is Robbie, who went out to a home when he was 14 weeks old. His mum has sent us this message:



Robbie  Robbie
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Broxi >>
Posted: 29th September 2005

Hi, the regulars on here might just remember me, I was the Rottie who had the big op on his leg. Well I had been at the kennels from January through to June, there were quite a few people offered me a home. After much deliberation Ena let me go (but did not sign me over) to a new home. The family came and walked me regulary Mhairi and Ena did a home visit and I was off to what they hoped would be my "forever" home as I had been through so much. Unfortunately, it didn't work out in the new home so I was brought back to the kennels. Ena, Frank and the girls saw quite a change in me. I was quite subdued, not the fun loving big guy who had gone out. So, here I was, back at the kennels. I didn't mind too much, I loved everyone here and I got lots of walks in the field, but it wasn't the same as having your own home and family.

Lots of people were interested in giving me a home (well, can you blame them!), but Ena was going to be extra careful this time, she wanted to make sure that my new family would be committed to giving me a forever home. A family who had only ever owned rotties before came up to take me a walk, and then they came again, and again, and again! Ena eventually let them take me home, and here I am!

My new forever home is great and my family have started their training and are doing well, I am getting on with the cat she even comes on walks with me! I miss Ena and Mhairhi but have been to see them and they were quite well behaved despite their excitement.

Anyway, I'd better go, those humans aren't going to walk themselves! Sorry for the long story, but I've been through quite a lot for such a young dog. I've sent a couple of pics so you can see how handsome I am:

Broxi  Broxi
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Alaska & Tara >>
Posted: 27th September 2005

Young collie x Alaska was rehomed from the kennels a few weeks ago, she went to live with another second chance doggie called Tara. This is the message their new family sent us:

Well, Alaska has settled in with Tara and, after some misgivings about what two young dogs might do to our house, my husband is has been completely won over. The dogs love playing chase in the park and 'hide and seek' in the long grass. We've even been out doing some hill walking. Here are a couple of photos of them out in the park and 'recovering' afterwards. Thank you so much to everyone at Second Chance for bringing Tara and Alaska into our lives.

Alaska & Tara  Alaska & Tara
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Ellie >>
Posted: 21st September 2005

This is Ellie, the Rottie with the tail, who came up from Warrington and then moved from Glenrothes to Kent!! This is the message her new "mum" sent:

hi ena, mary here, just quick note to let you know about our girl ellie, she has settled really well, she has really taken to alans mum who is in a wheelchair, they have become close friends. she is a blessing in our lives, i thank god for bringing us together every day. the local children love her as do we all. take care, love to you all,

mary and her best friend ellie.

Ellie  Ellie
Ellie  Ellie
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Hailey >>
Posted: 20th September 2005


I knew you would be thinking about me so I thought I would send a little message to let you know that I was just fabby!

I got to my new home and went straight to the garden for a look around and met the dogs next door through the fence, I don't know if we are going to be friends yet (they look a bit boring!), then after my dinner I had a cuddle with my new mum and dad, I think I have picked good people (they are very well behaved, it must be their breeding!)

I have been for walks with both mum and dad and they say I walk beautifully in my new harness thingy (although it was a bit of a faff trying to get it on at first!)

I have a huge window that I can lie beside and see everything going on but it was a bit of a long day for me yesterday so I went to bed and left mum and dad watching TV. I only woke up once because I had to go potty, so I told mum straight away and she let me out in the garden.

I will write again soon, don't miss me too much

lots of love
Hailey Bailey

Hailey  Hailey
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Buster >>
Posted: 19th September 2005

Buster the cocker spaniel was rehomed from the kennels just over a week ago. His "mum" has just took him for a haircut and has sent us some before and after pics. The first one shows Buster pre-haircut, what a difference!! His mum says it has taken years off him, can you believe he's 11 years old?!

Buster  Buster
Buster  Buster
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Tia >>
Posted: 17th September 2005

This wee girl went out when she was just 6 weeks old, and just look at her now! The first pic is Tia when she first arrived at her new home, and the second is her now at 2 years old.

Tia  Tia
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Kelly >>
Posted: 11th September 2005

This is the wee lass who was caught after about a week of scavenging for food by a very kind lady called Kelly. It seemed she had just had puppies, even though she is just a baby herself (probably caught on her first season). Kelly brought her to the kennels to find a nice new home.

Her new mum sent in these pics and message to show how well she's settling in:

hi anty ena photos of my first night in new house, outside in garden, sitting be side fluffy my new friend, tired out, eating pigs ear. love this, having a great time.

love to all, will come along one day to see you all.

love kelly and laurie family

Kelly  Kelly
Kelly  Kelly
Kelly  Kelly
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Angel >>
Posted: 10th September 2005

Hi auntie Ena heres a few pic's of me in my new forever home,sure i look good in red,playing with my red ball is fun too, but it makes me so hungry then i just have to have 40 winks.It wont be long before i can come back to visit all you gals that looked after me so good, thanks for finding me my new mum.Lots of love Angel

Angel  Angel
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Misty >>
Posted: 7th September 2005

This is one of the wee waifs, back for a visit! This wee girl is now named Misty, and as you can see has grown quite a bit.

Her mum & dad are over the moon with her except when she chewed through the hall carpet, well she's only a baby. You can see her brother Cody further down the page.

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Rusty >>
Posted: 6th September 2005

This is wee Rusty who came up from Warrington last year, with his big brother Frodo.

To jog everyone's memories, he came up with Simba, who is also doing very well.

This is the message his "mum" sent:

Dear Rusty is quite a character and is definitely a Spitz as he chases birds and planes flying over, tee hee! He's a lovely little boy who keeps Frodo on his toes every day but as you can see from the piccie's they are the best of pals too. They're so like chalk and cheese, Frodo gets hot and finds cool places to sleep, Rusty likes the sunshine and is like a cat lying in the sunshine on the kitchen floor. Rusty understands all his training commands but as with most terriers he has a very strong sense of when and where he listens. The Straloch estate is fab as they have a completely dog safe garden which we can walk the boys around without worrying that Rusty will run off, he stays close most times with the occassional digging for mice (which he's a dab hand at catching!) which he loves. When out and about he stays on his halter and long retractable lead just to be safe as we'd hate to loose him. He's fitted into our family very well, we all love him to pieces and our 7yr old nephew adores him and takes him for walks when he's up from England. When taking Rusty out everyone loves him and thinks he's a fox which is cool!

Rusty  Rusty
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