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Since it opened in 1999, hundreds of dogs have passed through the kennels doors and have gone on to wonderful new homes and families. On this page you will see some of those lucky dogs in their forever homes, and hear how they've settled in and how they've enriched their new families' lives.

Posted: 11th May 2008

This is another one of Bonnie's pups back for visit all of fifteen weeks old now and so lovely.The one of him with his mum standing is Sherrie trying to get him to go home

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Jasper & Scout >>
Posted: 10th May 2008

Hi Ena

I got a bit of a shock when I was on the web site yesterday when I saw a
picture of my gran sitting with a dog called Lisa! I could not for the
life of me work out why someone else's dog was with my gran. Then of
course it sunk in that it was another member of my family. My Auntie
Margaret had taken Lisa which is fantastic. So now gran is surrounded by
visits from all the dogs from Second Chance. She loves Scout and is
slowly getting to know Jasper.

A wee update on the boys. We are in the process of registering Jasper
and Scout with the agility section of the Kennel club - how is that for
mongrels who nobody wanted! Jas is really fast at agility and very
difficult to keep up with. Scout is a bit more sedate but very good.
So we have to have kennel club names. I am hoping to register Jasper as
- All that Jas and Scout as Boy Scout. If the names are all ready taken
then we will have to think of something else. Probably Jazzy Babes and
Good Boy Scout. Then they will be able to compete which should be fun.
The last agility we went to watch they both were treated to a reiki
massage which they loved. I have never see Jasper so chilled. Yes they
are pampered pooches!

I was working away a few weeks ago and had to leave Jasper with a
friend. I was terrified this would set him back but he had a ball. He
came back with a new Jazzy collar and had been for a bath and hair cut
and according to his hairdresser was incredibly well behaved. He also
came back with a new bed and now can be left without being in a crate.
So you can tell he is progressing very well indeed. His only vice is
you need to have eyes in the back of your head in the kitchen. I had
barbecued some lovely prawns the other day, had to answer the door and
came back to find them all eaten - shells and all.

It was lovely to see you in the courier. Well done to the children for
such a fantastic fund raiser.

We should be down visiting Fife next month so will pop in and see you.

Very Best Wishes


Jasper & Scout  Jasper & Scout
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Daisy >>
Posted: 4th May 2008

This was a hard one to let go !! and she waited a while but so worth the wait, doesn't she look so happy.
Daisy's first night well she slept like a baby, when we got home we had lots of eager friends round all desperate to see the new addition to the family, everyone commented on how they couldn't believe how settled she was, you would have thought she'd always been here. Needless to say Barney thinks he's died and gone to doggy heaven, he is besotted with her and just won't leave her alone, however we have a feeling that she'll not be long in telling him when she's had enough!

I've sent a couple of e-mails to split them up because the video clips might take ages to donwload, I'm hoping that because you have the same camera you'll be able to view the video clips on your pc. As you can see she's having a ball already, she even had a look at the horses and they don't seem to bother her. She had a little jump up at one of the fences this morning as our neighbours dog was out, but we just said " down daisy" and she came to us and didn't go back to the fence, so we don't think there will be a problem, she too happy playing with our boy.

We really appreciate you letting us have her right away as I'm off on Monday so it gives me 3 full days to bond with her, I won't want to go to work on Tuesday! at the moment she's lying across my feet while I'm typing this so I guess she quite likes me!

We will keep you updated from time to time, and if you are ever in the area please feel free to pop in, likewise when we're up in your area we'll bring her in for a visit.

Take Care


Daisy  Daisy
Daisy  Daisy
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Meg >>
Posted: 4th May 2008

Isn't she gorgeous.

Hi Ena

Here are the pictures we promised! Perfect match to our family and we could not have wished for a more affectionate intelligient girl! Loves to play but also loves her cuddles!!

Keep up the good work

Nicola and Ross and Meg xxx

Meg  Meg
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Morag >>
Posted: 3rd May 2008

Hi both,

Hope all is well with you both today.

Just a wee update on Belle (now Morag) - thinking, and hoping, that we may
be over the worst. She had her bath last night and was as good as gold,
even putting the drops in her ears didn't upset her. She had a much better night, got more sleep than she did the previous night, we only heard her up coughing about 3/4 times last night. It hasn't put her off her food at all,takes her cough medicine and her tablets no bother - and things at the other end of the system working fine!!!

Even although she's not well she just loves her walks (3 a day). This
morning she and Dougal are sharing a couch in the conservatory for the first
time (up till now it's been one each). We don't want to hassle her at the
moment by getting the camera out but don't worry there will be loads of
pictures to come, they are just a couple of cuties - or am I just a little

We'll be in touch again soon. Morag sends lots of kisses and cuddles for
taking such care of her and we can only thank you for letting us have such a
wee darling come live with us.

lol for now,

Chrystall and Richard

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Monty & Mandy >>
Posted: 2nd May 2008

This young man on the right never reached the web site,thanks to Graeme one of " our " vets who fostered Monty until a new home was found for him. And boy has he landed on all four paws. He has gone to stay with Mandy & John and their family which includes Molly who was adopted from here just over a year ago. They just adore her and were looking for a wee pal for her so a couple of phone calls later here they are and as you can see all are very happy.

Monty & Mandy
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Sam >>
Posted: 2nd May 2008

This is Sam back for a visit with Karen his mum, .He is such a happy wee lad and has obviously forgotten the bad start he had in life.

Thanks Karen he looks great xx

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Lisa & Meg >>
Posted: 27th April 2008

This wee girl had been used for breeding she was past her " sell by date" for having puppies but just look at her now, she's got a wee pal and a mum & gran now and of course a wonderful home.

Hi Ena, Here are pics of Lisa and her partner in crime meg. She is a brilliant dog and has settled its as if she has always been here. When ever she goes to see her 'gran' she jumps right on her knee and settles down to get petted. She loves her walks rounds the fields behind us.

Lisa & Meg  Lisa & Meg
Lisa & Meg   
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Archie >>
Posted: 27th April 2008

This is one lucky lucky dog, as we collected him from the vets !!! He has such a lovely couple as his family now and as you can see doing very well.

Hi Ena, "Archie will be six years old come July and he is thriving. I've sent you one of his latest photos but he never stays still long enough to be able to take a really good one. He's healthy and gets on very well with other dogs and children alike. We would never part with him.
Hughie and Agnes.(Rosyth)

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Isla & Jess >>
Posted: 26th April 2008

Jess meets Isla awwwwwwwww.

Isla & Jess
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Isla >>
Posted: 26th April 2008

This is Isla ( one of Bonnie's puppies) back for a visit, isn't she just lovely.

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Jess >>
Posted: 26th April 2008

This is Jess back for a visit with her mum & dad, Callie I think would like to go and live with them. hahaha

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Chad >>
Posted: 23rd April 2008


Sorry I did not email you sooner but I was waiting for dad downloading this picture

This is me, Sabe and Faith I can now reach the half door of the van,getting bigger everyday

Mum and Dad say thank you very, very much for the food you brought for us it is very much appreciated, I am so glad getting fed up with bread and water!!!!!!

It was great to see you both on Saturday, I hope you saw how big and confident I am getting. It is great here we go away in the caravan every weekend and I get to meet lots of different people (all sizes) and dogs AND I get to watch the agility cant wait till it is my turn it looks good fun

Sabe is coming along great at the agility he will be competing soon will keep you up to date with his progress, dad say he will entertain the crowd if nothing else

I will keep in touch with mine and Sabes progress

Hope to see you soon



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Bailey >>
Posted: 22nd April 2008

Bailey brought his mum back for a visit, what a size he is getting, he's just lovely.

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Buffy >>
Posted: 22nd April 2008

This is Buffy with her " dad " Wes. She went out as an eight week old puppy six years ago but still remembers us, could be something to do with the fact her mum & dad donate towels / duvets to the kennels quite regular ( thank you ) so she's always back and forward. What a great nature she has, absolutely adorable.

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Jed >>
Posted: 20th April 2008

Look who came to visit today " Our " Glen's mum came in with her puppies and she was a springer spaniel & wee Jed is one of Bonnie's pups. Both absolutely adorable

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Luna >>
Posted: 15th April 2008

Dear All,

We wanted to let you know how Luna is doing. She has settled in wonderfully. The children adore her and she is my absolute baby!

She has made good friends with Solo the cat and they play tig in the garden. She watched the cats using the catflap so she decided that she would use it too! She goes bombing in and out of it whenever she pleases! She also thinks that as the cats sleep on the back of the couch then so should she and is very indignant when she is moved back on to the floor while they are allowed to stay up there. Kali and Venus have accepted her as part of the family and they play well together in the garden. Kali our oldest dog has discovered a new mothering instinct which we never thought she would have and keeps a motherly eye on Luna, she even lets her chew her ears! She has given Kali a new lease of life and only gets rows off Venus when she tries to eat her food!

We went on the bus to Kirkcaldy to visit her brother Bon who lives with Sherri and she slept most of the way. She was in a basket and she loved all the sights and smells. Luna and Bon had a wonderful time together as you can see.

Eventually they wore themselves out and rested for a while.

We will definitely visit you soon so you can see for yourselves how she is doing. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her.

Yours Sincerely

Louise, Jamies, Bryn and Fleur.


Luna  Luna
Luna  Luna
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Harry >>
Posted: 13th April 2008

At last, I have gone to my new home today I'm sooooo happy and I have a wee brother & sister who are also Griffon's.My mum is so lovely and I have an Aunite(pictured) and Gran who will also just adore me. How lucky can one wee lad be.The girl's here are so happy that I now have a lovely home of my very own, although they will miss me.
Harry xx (Me & mum)

Harry  Harry
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Jill >>
Posted: 12th April 2008

Me with my new mum.
Jill xx

To my foster mum Jill I was named after her. Thank you without your help I wouldn't be in my new home now your an angel.
Jill xx

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Lucy >>
Posted: 11th April 2008

This is Lucy who was rehomed in January 07. She is just beautiful and loved very much by her family.She is pictured with her "big brother" Ryan.

Lucy  Lucy
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