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Hi my name is Susie as as you can see a tiny wee Yorkie. I am so very active that I am looking for s...

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Below is our latest news and the events which are planned at the moment. These events are a very important part of our charity. All monies raised go directly towards the upkeep of the dogs and helps to ensure that the Second Chance Kennels are maintained adequately for the job. We hold regular fundraising events and always welcome new ideas and/or helpers. If you think you can help in any way with our events, please contact us.

Guestbook now working! >>
Posted: 29th June 2005

Good news! The guestbook now seems to be back in working order. Your comment may not appear right away, but it should show after a few days.

Thanks for your patience!

Problems with the Guestbook >>
Posted: 28th April 2005

The website that hosts our guestbook are having some technical problems which means that new entries are not being added. They are working to try and fix the problem and it should be up and running soon!

Brand new website launched! >>
Posted: 19th March 2005

Well, this is our brand new website!
We've tried to make it nice to look at and easy to use at the same time.
Tell us what you think in our guestbook, we hope you like it!

Broxi the Rottie >>
Posted: 19th March 2005

Broxi the rottie arrived at the kennels in January with serious hip problems. A visit to the vet confirmed that he would need am operation to fix the problem.
Well, on the 1st of March, he had his operation and all went very well! It will be a while before he is back on all 4 paws, but he is handling it very well. He is a star!
We would also like to thank a very kind lady who gave an extremely generous donation of 1000, which will help very much in covering the cost of Broxi's operation.

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